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The Turkish economy will break new records

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that his country’s economy will continue to break new records whenever the Corona virus epidemic loses its impact and things return to normal.

This came in a speech delivered by the Turkish President, today, Saturday, during the opening ceremony of 300 factories in the state of Gaziantep, southern Turkey.

Erdogan indicated that the name of Turkey has become more frequent among international companies that are looking for an alternative to their production rules after the epidemic.

He stressed that Turkey’s star shines thanks to its industrial potential, production capabilities, qualified workforce, strategic location and infrastructure in health and transportation.

Erdogan added that Turkey will surpass the epidemic stage, and it is getting stronger in many areas, not just medical tourism.

He pointed out that Turkish companies are increasingly respected due to their credibility, high-quality products, competitive prices and geographical advantages.

On the other hand, Erdogan revealed that the value of the factories that were opened amounted to 15 billion Turkish liras (one dollar = 7.66 liras), and would provide direct job opportunities for about 45,000 citizens, and indirectly more than 100,000 citizens.

“These factories are expected to contribute more than one billion dollars to Gaziantep’s exports when they go into production at full capacity,” he said.

And he indicated that such projects appear in time Himself The extent of investor confidence in themselves and that they look to the future with great hope and enthusiasm.

The Turkish president explained that what the country needs in this critical period is this enthusiasm, dynamism and high morale.


Erdogan also said Turkey would achieve success in cars and flying cars similar to its successes in the drone industry.

Erdogan explained In a speech at the Technovest 2020 Festival for Aviation and Space Technology in the state of Gaziantep, southern Turkey, that Technovest is a place where the foundations for innovations that will make a quantum leap in all fields, from artificial intelligence to cybersecurity, will be laid.

“Turkey has assumed a position among the few countries in the world in terms of drones, and we believe that we will achieve the same success in the field of cars and flying cars.”

President Erdoan addressed the youth, saying that the greatest capital for technology is productive minds. We know that there are initiatives created by young people like you that have achieved global success in a short time, reaching a value of one billion dollars, he added.

He stressed that his government is working at full capacity to advance Turkey to its goals for the year 2023, expressing his confidence that the youth of the future will continue on the path to prosperity in the country and the realization of the vision of 2053 and 2071.

Turkey seeks to achieve a series of goals by 2023, the most prominent of which is entering the ranks of the top 10 economic powers in the world.

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