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The two Democratic candidates announce that they have won two Senate seats in Georgia


Democratic candidate John Usoff announced today, Wednesday, that he won the second seat in the US Senate by by-elections in Georgia, stressing that his victory would give President-elect Joe Biden control of the House.

“Georgia, thank you very much for the trust that you have placed in me, I am honored for your support, appreciation and trust, and I look forward to serving you,” Ausov said in a statement published by TV channels.

The Democratic candidate Raphael Warnock – a pastor in the church where Martin Luther King Jr.was preaching – also announced his victory over the current Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler, becoming the first black senator in the history of the state located in the heart of the American South.

The American media has not announced the results of the polls yet, and the two Republican candidates, David Purdue and Kelly Loeffler, have not acknowledged their defeat.

The elections gained great importance in light of the division in the country, as it broke records in the number of voters who participated in the early voting, and in the size of spending on the electoral campaign.

And indicating the importance of the race is that US President Donald Trump and President-elect Joe Biden participated yesterday, Monday, in two party rallies in the state, to urge their supporters to vote massively in these elections.

If the Democrats win the two seats, the two shoulders will be equal (50 seats for each party in the 100-seat House), and the bipartisan vote for Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, according to the constitution.

Later on Wednesday, Vice President Mike Pence will chair a joint session of Congress to endorse the Electoral College vote that confirmed Biden’s victory in the White House.

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