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The UAE wants to become a superpower at our expense, and we call on the coalition to leave Yemen

Abdul Aziz Jabbari, Deputy Speaker of Parliament, an advisor to the Yemeni president, said that Yemeni legitimacy has become a hostage in the hands of Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, and we say to them: They handed over our institutions to us and left our country with thanks.

Jabbari explained – in statements to the episode (9/23/2020) of the “Without Borders” program – that Yemeni President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi, his government, the House of Representatives, and many officials cannot return to Yemen because Saudi Arabia refuses to do so.

The Yemeni Deputy Speaker criticized the imposition of ministers and officials under the direction of the UAE and Saudi Arabia in order to pass the interests of these two countries, stressing that Saudi Arabia pressured President Hadi to appoint a prime minister from its side.

Jabbari blew a surprise by saying that the Saudi ambassador to Yemen, Muhammad Al Jaber, is the real controller in the Yemeni scene by issuing decisions and “decrees”, as he deals with Yemenis as followers, and this destroys Yemeni legitimacy, which is totally unacceptable.

Jabbari stressed that the Yemenis would not accept any dictates or subordination to anyone, calling on Saudi Arabia and the UAE to deal with the Yemeni people and officials with respect.

The Yemeni Deputy Speaker added that the future of his country in the presence of the Saudi-Emirati alliance is fraught with dangers, and the time has come for the stability of Yemen, stressing that this is in the interest of all countries in the region.

Jabbari clarified that the coalition’s actions are contrary to the goals for which it came, which is to end the Houthi coup and return to legitimacy and stand in the face of the Iranian project in Yemen, which are goals that nothing has been achieved.

He stressed that there is no desire to enable the Yemeni legitimacy, which they claimed they came to support, which suggests that there is a plan to continue the war that has been going on for about 6 years.

On the Emirati role in Yemen, the advisor to the Yemeni president said that the UAE wants to turn into a great regional state by controlling the Yemeni ports and the island of Socotra, and it has also created a problem in the south and established militias to pressure President Hadi.

Is it not better for the Emiratis to normalize with the Yemenis instead of the Israelis ?! Jabbari asked.

The Iranian Project

On the Iranian role in Yemen, the deputy speaker of the Yemeni Parliament said that Iran has a sly role in Yemen, and the Houthis are their right arm, especially as they receive financial, logistical and military support from Tehran, stressing that the Iranian intervention in Yemen is what brought the country to the current situation.

Jabbari indicated that Iran has a project that it seeks to export to Arab countries, in the absence of any Arab project, adding that Saudi Arabia and the UAE have failed to achieve security and stability in Yemen and restore legitimacy and its institutions to stand in the way of the Iranian project.

Jabbari considered that Yemen has turned into an arena of conflict between foreign parties, explaining that there is a confrontation on Yemeni territory between Iran on the one hand, and Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries on the other hand.

The Yemeni official emphasized that it is not logical to try to convince the Yemenis that the UAE is facing the Iranian project in Yemen, at a time when it is concluding hundreds of billions of dollars of agreements with Iran, as well as dialogues and mutual visits.

He called for the world to intervene positively to solve the Yemeni crisis, and not in the manner of the Saudi-Emirati intervention that would lead Yemen to a catastrophic situation.

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