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The UAE’s support for the Israeli checkpoints in Palestine solidifies the occupation

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor condemned the UAE’s participation in an investment fund that will enable the “modernization” of Israeli military checkpoints (checkpoints) that the Israeli occupation establishes in the Palestinian territories.

And he warned that the financing of the Israeli “checkpoints” would contribute greatly to concealing its restrictive objectives and its negative effects on the Palestinians, considering that “its support makes it a permanent reality for the consolidation of the occupation.”

The Geneva-based observatory said in a statement, “The UAE government must refrain from any deals with Israel that may contribute to or encourage human rights violations against the Palestinians.”

Yesterday, Wednesday, the Observatory expressed its deep concern over the plans of Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi to establish an investment fund that would enable “modernization” of the military checkpoints (roadblocks) set up by Israel in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Yesterday, Tuesday, Adam Bonner, CEO of the American Foundation for Financial Cooperation, announced during a speech on the sidelines of the signing ceremony of a package of agreements between Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv in Israel, the establishment of the “Abraham” Development Fund, with an Emirati-Israeli partnership, based in Jerusalem, to implement investments in development fields. Multiple.

More than 700 Israeli checkpoints are currently spread throughout the West Bank (European Agency)

According to the observatory, “the top priority of this fund is to develop and modernize the Israeli security checkpoints deployed in the occupied Palestinian territories.”

The observatory stated, that there are currently more than 700 Israeli checkpoints throughout the West Bank.

And only last September, the Euro-Med Monitor documented the establishment of 300 additional flying checkpoints for Israel.

Israeli checkpoints impose tight restrictions on the movement of Palestinians in the West Bank, and contrary to Israeli claims about security considerations, according to the observatory’s statement.

On Monday, the UAE government approved the agreement to normalize relations with Israel, after the Israeli parliament approved it last week.

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