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The unclassified copy of Trump’s memo to the Senate informing it of the Soleimani strike shows a huge loophole in his justification — ‘does not indicate that the Iranian general posed an imminent threat to US regional interests’

The unclassified copy of Trump’s memo to the Senate informing it of the Soleimani strike shows a huge loophole in his justification — ‘does not indicate that the Iranian general posed an imminent threat to US regional interests’

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  1. Well if we accepts his tweets as official notifications, then there should be multiple articles of impeachment drawn up for witness tampering throughout his presidency by tomorrow.

  2. >The justifications for killing Soleimani, as stated in the letter, appear at odds with the Trump administration’s repeated claims by the Pentagon and State Department that it directed the strike because of “imminent threats to American lives.”

    at the POTUS level, *imminent threats to American lives* is the same as the local PD’s *feared for my life*.

    Everyone that’s paying attention knows this wasn’t to protect American lives, unless we’re equating American *interests* with American lives now.

  3. Didn’t we already hear that there was no threat from one of the intelligence directors?

  4. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-soleimani-strike-senate-memo-no-imminent-threat-2020-1) reduced by 85%. (I’m a bot)
    > A photo of an unclassified memo from President Donald Trump to the Senate informing it of his strike on the Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani does not indicate that the Iranian general posed an imminent threat to US regional interests – exposing a gaping loophole in his justification.

    > Trump's memo to the Senate cited "An escalating series of attacks in recent months" by Iran and its regional armed allies but did not explicitly mention an imminent threat.

    > As highlighted by Insider's Sonam Sheth, even if there was an imminent threat to US regional interests, killing Soleimani did not necessarily remove that threat because he would not have carried out such an attack himself.

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  5. The *imminent threat* Trump felt was his impeachment trial and to his reelection campaign. Must distract!

  6. Did anyone actually read the unclassified memo in the article? If not, this is what it states:

    > I have also authorized the Secretary of Defense to deploy additional United States forces to the United States Central Command area of responsibility.

    > I directed these actions in response to an escalating series of attacks in recent months by Iran and Iran-backed militias on United States forces and interests in the Middle East region. The purposes of these actions are to protect United States personnel, to deter Iran from conducting or supporting further attacks against United States forces and interests, to degrade Iran’s and Qods Force-backed militias’ ability to conduct attacks, and to end Iran’s strategic escalation of attacks on and threats to United States interests.

    It doesn’t mention anything about the general, the strike to take him out or the threat he posed. Fact is that the threat posed by the general was classified and could not be shared with most of congress. We do know that [CIA director Gina Haspel indicated that threat posted by keeping him alive was greater than the retaliation Iran posed from taking him out and even predicted Iran’s exact response.](https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/08/us/politics/trump-iran-suleimani.html?action=click&module=Top%20Stories&pgtype=Homepage)

    > Appearing on a video screen was Gina Haspel, the C.I.A. director, who was monitoring the crisis from the agency’s headquarters in Northern Virginia. In the days before General Suleimani’s death, Ms. Haspel had advised Mr. Trump that the threat the Iranian general presented was greater than the threat of Iran’s response if he was killed, according to current and former American officials. Indeed, Ms. Haspel had predicted the most likely response would be a missile strike from Iran to bases where American troops were deployed, the very situation that appeared to be playing out on Tuesday afternoon.

    I guess its a question of whether or not you trust a democratic senator who doesn’t have access to the intel or the CIA director who advised Trump of the threat and even correctly predicted Iran’s response?

  7. I’m starting to think this Trump fella isn’t very good at his job. We should probably fire him (into the sun).

  8. Why is a memo from Trump addressed to Me President and signed by Chuck Grassley?

  9. What about US impeachment of Trump? #antidistraction

  10. >US regional interests

    The original justification was that he posed threat to US *lives*, now he was murdered over ‘interests’ that weren’t even at threat?

  11. So they are complaining the unclassified memo didn’t have the classified information…

  12. He just felt like killing someone that day

  13. Trump just needed everyone to know that he has the power to murder without consequences… happy election year everyone

  14. Bbbbut soleimani bad man

    Trump good! /s

  15. Not so much a “loophole” but actually it’s a *blatant lie.*

    People still support this racist.

  16. Right out of his playbook entitled: “Look over here, the Impeachment Trial is About to Start”

  17. Call it what it is. A lie.

  18. there’s such a continuous stream of information around this topic I’m having issues following

  19. I am tired of redacted documents. Everything released as public record of what this gubbermint has done in the last 20 years is fucking redacted. Protect sources and means- otherwise, I PAID FOR THAT INFORMATION. Give me facts, not spin! Pffffffffffftttthhhhhh!

  20. This is what I remember of a clip I watched of a Pompeo interview:

    “So we attacked because he was planning imminent attacks on US citizens and servicemen?” (Reporter)

    “That is correct.”(Pompeo)

    “How imminent was imminent? Are we talking days, weeks, give us some clue.” (Reporter)

    “You see, when you live in the area time is pretty irrelevant and days and weeks don’t really matter.”

  21. its like the 9/11 doc but in 3 days instead of 10 years

  22. Does not matter. The presidential constitutional power as commander in chief allows him to order a strike with or without reason. Congress is who decides if they want to fund a military operation (not order it).

    That is what the legal interpretation of congress having the power to declare war and the president being commander in chief of the military has always been. Congress controls the purse. The president controls the actual military.

  23. That’s because that part is a lie.
    Shocking, I know.

  24. #Good Riddance.

    Drone-strike ALL the terrorist.

  25. This was a favour to Netanyahu, the only other leader to have praised this attack.

    Netanyahu begged Obama on multiple occasions to kill Soleimani, but Obama refused. Netanyahu has the American president he wants with Trump.

  26. Why does the threat have to be imminent? The guy had fucked with us and our allies for years. He was considered a terrorist and was in charge of what the US had deemed a terrorist organization years before Trump was elected.

  27. People caring this much about a terrorist being dead lmao

  28. Of course Soleimani didn’t pose any immediate threat. This was all about trying to garner votes for Trump’s re-election campaign.

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