The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) will meet on August 16 morning to discuss Kashmir (India’s abrogation of Article 370), Poland’s mission to the UN confirmed

The United Nations Safety Council (UNSC) will meet on August 16 morning to debate Kashmir (India’s abrogation of Article 370), Poland’s mission to the UN confirmed

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  1. I mean what arguments Pakistan (of all countries) have for this?

    1. “Kashmir should be ruled by their own people”: Gilgit-baltistan basically ruled from center without it’s consent pretty much since forever
    2. “You cannot make decisions in Kashmir without bilateral talks:” **gave away a chunk of kashmir to China**, no India involved
    3. “This is in violation of Simla agreement” (which states the issue is Bilateral, no third parties should be involved plus the borders LoC to be respected): This is by far the most stupidest. Pakistan always tried to internationalize the issue, just days before tried to get fucking Trump involved, and not to mention unprovoked Kargil war by crossing the LoC
    4. “Plebicite!”: India was the one who went to the UN, and was advocating referendum. Refused to retreat encroching troops when it mattered, [Actively avoided]( all plebiscite attempts made by Indian gov
    5. “Politicians shouldn’t be detained”: 2 ex PMs in jail without trial, 1 former president in Jail, 1 former president is basically a war criminal in exile, Opposition leaders, relatives in jail without trial, CM of key state in jail without trial (actual Jails, not house arrests as Kashmiri leaders are)
    6. “Demographics will change!”: Systematically changed demographics in PoK since late 60s.

    The funniest thing is, If Pakistan formally supports article 370 which was revoked, they _de facto_ give legitimacy to the instrument of succession, which gives legitimacy to India’s claim over **entire Kashmir** (including PoK, and China occupied Kashmir). Their politicians have refused to acknowledge article 370 in the past, and now just to save face they have to act like they support(ed) it.

    All Pakistan can hope for is some statement along the lines of “India please don’t do Gross Human Rights violations, okay?” when they can then present to the people of Pakistan as some kind of victory.

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