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The United States’ European allies are no longer taking Trump’s ‘apoplectic’ threats seriously

The United States’ European allies are no longer taking Trump’s ‘apoplectic’ threats seriously

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  1. Of all the damage Trump is doing to America, I feel that the erosion of relationships with key military and economic allies is often overlooked. No nation can thrive as isolationists anymore

  2. Why would they? Has there ever been a president who makes as many empty threats? Everything he says, you can pretty much figure the opposite is true. If he said the world is round, I’d start researching flat earth.

  3. I’m no fan of either May or Boris, but both have stood up to Trump now which is surprising for a UK government, especially one that really wants a US trade deal.

    Trump is so unpopular in the UK and he’s screwed us over a few times already, so I guess it would be impossible to go along with him politically. We just left the EU so we can be more independent. It wouldn’t look good to be bowing down to the US now.

    US and European interests don’t seem to match at the moment on many levels.

    Everyone now knows Trump is just full of hot air from his dealings with North Korea and Iran. It’s not a major risk to upset Trump. He’ll get distracted and just want to play golf anyway.

    He can scream and put the phone down on Boris but what else is he going to do? Disband Five Eyes, just at the time when Huawei has given the UK unprecedented access to its systems, codes and IP? We know more about their technology than any country except China.

  4. Love Merkels face there. “Why did I go into politics?” She may be asking herself.

  5. > The United States’ European allies are no longer taking Trump’s ‘apoplectic’ threats seriously

    And they never should have

  6. Uh, hey Europe, American here. Yeah, he is a blowhard, but he is sort of drunk on power at the moment, and our institutions are failing at keeping him in check. I get not taking his threats seriously, but if you could all start regarding him as a threat, and maybe interfere in our election a bit to make sure he doesn’t win, that would be great. It’s totally cool now, so don’t worry about the optics.

  7. Good. They should call him out directly to his face at every opportunity

    Trump is a coward who talks big. When push comes to shove, he’s weak in both mind and spirit. Call out his bullshit and watch him rant and rave in response

  8. Trump is not a serious person, but he and the Republican are a serious threat to our democracy.

  9. Hope Canada ignores the threats and chooses what is best for Canada too. If US wants the world to use their 5G tech..Divert some that military spending and invest in 5G and AI and data clouds as those will be more important than tanks and bombs in the near future anyways.

  10. The problem is not Trump, it’s his acolytes. Whether we like it or not, there is a sizeable collection of people who have such an insular viewpoint that they feel threatened by anyone and any thing that is not in their world view. Trump is a reaction to that, and is a daddy figure to that demographic.

    They, in turn, have the Republicans running scared of crossing his base, and making him untouchable, regardless of his behaviour.

    The danger is that they’ll be as hungry for blood as ever come the election, and sign up for another 4 years of this nonsense.

    The rest of the world is now just resigned to the prospect of having an idiot in charge of the most powerful nation on Earth, and hoping they can just ride out the storm.

  11. Is anyone taking ANYTHING he says seriously?

  12. It’s time to recognize that Trumps America is an ally of Russia, not Europe.

  13. Yes, shallow and pedantic.

  14. Paper tiger, Hungry Hippo.

  15. They are meant for his base anyway.

  16. That should have been their original stance…

  17. I’m really curious to what extent China could put a backside in the system that would be undetectable and which countries could not protect against using their own software/cryptography. If they can’t guarantee their will be no spying it seems crazy to move forward with the deal. Or maybe they think that being hacked by the US is a bigger threat given the close ties and trade, immigration, and other issues.

  18. Weird that “apoplectic” appears in quotes in the headline but does not show up in the body of the article.

  19. It is simply because POTUS, Donald Trump is a f*cking moron !

  20. I’m Canadian and I don’t even read or watch any news to do with Trump anymore. I’m so tired of being bombarded by Trump’s bloviating. I’m just waiting for another leader to be elected soon, hopefully. What a breath air it would be to listen to a coherent speech for once.

  21. Yeah. I’m gonna say that the US doesn’t have allies anywhere these days.

  22. American here, just ignore anything coming out of our country policy wise until we remove the malignant tumor some call president. Carry on without us, we need to sort our own house first.

  23. I’m sure somebody somewhere gives a fuck what ol’newt thinks, but why?

  24. The steels tariff is hitting Canadians pretty hard.

    I thought we were bro’s man…

  25. I think impeachment has been great because it has consumed so much of Trump’s attention, that he hasn’t been able to focus on fucking up other shit like our relationships with Europe.

  26. We kind of are taking him seriously but we just don’t give a fuck anymore at this point I think.

  27. I’m honestly surprised it’s taken them this long.

  28. In business there is a golden rule: it takes one minute to lose a customer, it takes years to get him back , if at all.

    This goes for trust between allies as well. I love Americans and the country, been there a number of times, but at this time i wont go there and i definitely dont trust the Twunk/ McTurtle admin. They are a mob of crooks.

  29. The current WH regime is finally seen as a Failure: Donald has been screaming for 3 years – he is the boy who called wolf and now he has zero credibility.

  30. You could even say that they’re laughing at them… laughing at him… laughing at us.

  31. After shooting a certain general after a Twitter fight I’m not entirely convinced that’s the right course of action. Maybe better to treat him as a mentally unstable old man with access to nuclear weapons.

  32. So brave for standing up to Trump….by allowing Chinese backdoors in their 5G infrastructure. The lack of rational thought here is astounding.

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