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The United States is heading towards a post-election crisis … and these are 3 ways to avoid it

The Washington Post warned Articles Written By – That the United States is on the verge of a crisis after the presidential elections that will be held on November 3.

The writer said that he had never dreamed that the United States would witness controversial elections such as those taking place in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

He pointed out that over the past decade he has been monitoring the course of elections in Africa and the crises that arise, and sometimes violence. He went on to say that today he sees the same pre-election warnings in other countries looming in the United States.

President Donald Trump – the writer adds – has clearly stated that he is ready to sabotage institutions, create chaos and abuse his powers if this will help him stay in office for a second term.

Take the law by hand

The Trump campaign has long called for an “army of its supporters” to monitor the conduct of the elections, which makes the far-right groups feel that they are required to take matters into their own hands and go on with their actions.

On the other hand, Trump urged Congress to urgently approve the appointment of its candidate, Judge Amy Barrett, to the Supreme Court so that she can participate in passing judgments on the legal challenges surrounding the upcoming elections, perhaps in his favor, according to the article.

The author: The positions of the Trump camp will exacerbate the risk of a constitutional crisis after the elections and may be accompanied by political violence unprecedented in modern American history (Reuters)

Moreover, Trump refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power to his successor in the event that he lost the election. And all of these attitudes on the part of the Trump camp exacerbate the risk of a post-election constitutional crisis – and perhaps accompanied by political violence – greater than any crisis that occurred in modern American history.

Fortunately – in the author’s opinion – there is still time to avoid this “dangerous” scenario. However, this requires “the democrats, the press, and what is left of the principled Republicans who place the state before the party’s interest” to begin sending clear and direct messages.

3 urgent assignments

The writer confirms that there are 3 urgent tasks to avoid a crisis after the US elections, namely:

Politicians and “responsible” journalists should communicate with the public well in order to achieve a consensus that spares the country from disagreement after the election results are announced.

• All prominent Republican Party members who still believe in democracy must speak out and stress the need for all legal votes to be counted regardless of what the president says or does about the elections.

Nor should they be motivated by a partisan interest. And because Trump has repeatedly demonized Democrats, describing them as “non-Americans, traitors”, Republicans must make their voices heard by the electorate.

In the event that Trump loses the election and rejects its results, or makes flimsy arguments and false claims about the vote counting processes, Republicans such as Senator Mt Romney and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice – have a civic duty that requires them to appear on television channels to denounce such authoritarian methods, according to the author of the article that He believes that this will prevent “extremists” from taking matters into their own hands.

• Each state and local election officials should handle matters transparently.
The writer concludes by saying that the upcoming events are known in advance. Trump’s Republican followers will “falsely” delude the electorate of the occurrence of fraud on a large scale, and this is inferred by small and routine errors that usually occur in the elections. They may also create lies and stories by launching misleading advertising campaigns.

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