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The woman is battered and suffers from male power

In her first novel, “Prisoner Between the Bars of Time,” writer and journalist Zeina Jaradi sheds light on the suffering of women in male society, embodying the suffering of oppressed motherhood in the context of the events of her novel with a delicate feeling, and she is also preparing to publish her short story collection, including “Scribbles a Woman”, which are emotional feelings From real life.

Zeina carried the pulse of the human pain in our Arab world, so her feathers transparently painted this pain, shedding light on the issues that concern us and affect our life reality in our societies.

Al-Jazeera Net conducted the following dialogue with her about her fictional experience and her media and personal career:

Introduce us to yourself as a person and a writer?

I considered that I succeeded in my message as a journalist and media person, so I liked to translate my thoughts and feelings on paper. What a woman gives when writing is different. When a woman writes literature, its text is a reflection of society as a whole, and the woman’s letters tell us about the conditions of her society, and we intervene with her among those around her, as a mother, wife and daughter, looking for On her right within the family and in the male community.

As a woman, I placed a double responsibility on my shoulders professionally, a responsibility which stipulated being at the same time faithful to literature and more attached to my society, especially the reality of women, to express it honestly, and to stand up to challenges that reflect what is really living.

This will help me educate the woman about her reality, which is sacred to me. Zeina, a journalist and journalist, did not depart for a moment from her specialization, as she is still supervising 3 publications of various directions and on a website.

What is the content of your first novel, “A Prisoner Among the Bars of Time”? What message do you want to deliver?

Every person has a message in life, my first novel, “Prisoner between the bars of time,” against the oppression of women, and they are always seen as the weakest part, based on their composition and femininity.

Therefore, it must be specifically educated and directed, and anything that must be a message, and my message in my novel – which will be with readers soon – is a message of awareness and struggle, an uprising and revolution against everything that surrounds it, a person must move towards the energy of light even if it is one point.

The novel is about a girl who immigrated to a country of expatriation with her husband, to be exposed to the most severe types of persecution, injustice, oppression and violence. In short, there are several issues that summarize the suffering of women, such as oppression, tyranny, and their sense of inferiority and that they are powerless, and their suffering covers all levels. She suffers because of male laws, customs, and authority. She is abused by the father, brother, husband and son.

How does Zina the human being coexist with the writer’s novelist?

Zeina suffers extreme suffering, because Zeina is the daughter of her reality and the contradictions that life brings to her, and she is involuntarily forced to adapt to the situation.

“Scribble a Woman” is a march of sentiments that will soon see the light?

It is true, or let’s say an extensive feminine revelation from the depths of a woman who publicly insisted on challenging her and herself.

Is Zina Grady safer now than in the past?

On the contrary, I am in a more dangerous position because my journey with writing and authorship started professionally and I have many projects in the world of writing for children and women, psychological life, the world of fiction, literature and poetry. Today I am in the eye of the storm.

Writer Zeina Jaradi in “A Prisoner Among the Bars of Time” against the persecution of Arab women (Al-Jazeera)

Do you believe that the word can change a society with its old traditions and ideas?

I insist on writing, yes, and I believe that the word has its power in all eastern and western societies alike, changing society begins with a change of its conscience, and history tells us that society’s sentiment changes in arts and literature. The pen makes a change by presenting the problem and showing it to the light, so that the doctor can treat it and prescribe the appropriate medicine. Unfortunately, it will take longer in our eastern societies.

What about the woman’s story and the novel from your point of view?

We discover the power of women in narration and story-making, and the real problem that faces us is that we read as females, not as writers, women write about their issues and problems, and all these things are found because they are female, women write for peace, love, obtain respect and change the world for the better.

Thus, after Arab women practiced different forms of writing combined with the experience of struggling for their rights, they embarked on the adventure of literary writing with all its difficulties in order to question the self that had long been excluded and prohibited, and was able to reconsider and interrogate the silent.

How do you express your sadness and dissatisfaction over the painful accident that affected the stricken city of Beirut?

The explosion at the port of Beirut cast a gloomy shadow over the world and doubled the size of the affliction of Beirut, the stricken flower of the East. Beloved Beirut, the mother of Sharia, was struck by a great disaster, which made our hearts and eyes cry. Therefore, I address a message of love and support to my steadfast Lebanese people and say to them:

Oh Beirut ..

Your grief today has calmed me down ..

And your whining hurt me ..

My tear became a wreck

And my voice is in pieces ..

And I became like you, my city, Sherida ..

What curse befell you ..

And you, bereaved, bereaved ..

You dwell in panic and fear ..

You live in separation, destruction and death ..

Bleed hope ..

Your streets are miserable ..

The faces of your children are withered.

Your sadness is deep deep ..

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