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Their percentage does not exceed 1.9% of the population .. How do the votes of the Jews affect the American elections?

Traditionally, Israel enjoys broad support from the Democratic and Republican parties, and its victory or taking positions in support of it in international forums has not been an element of disagreement between the two parties ’presidential candidates over the past decades.

While ensuring bipartisan support for Israel, American Jews have moved to focus on domestic issues that concern them in determining the identity of the candidate who obtains the majority of their votes.

Usually, most American Jews vote for the Democratic Party and its candidate for the White House, mainly because of their liberal stances on domestic issues such as abortion, the right to bear arms, health care, and gay rights.

Although Trump is the most biased US president with Israel, all indications show that the majority of American Jews will vote for his Democratic rival, Joe Biden.

According to those polls, Trump, despite his extremism in support of Israel, as shown in his Middle East peace deal, which resulted in severing ties and financial support for the Palestinians, moving his country’s embassy to occupied Jerusalem, recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan and supporting Gulf-Israeli normalization, this has not changed. From the voting pattern of American Jews.

On the other hand, Biden expressed his rejection of Trump’s handling of the Arab-Israeli conflict, and expressed his opposition to “any unilateral steps – including annexing parts of the West Bank that undermine the horizon of the two-state solution, and affirmed that the Democrats will continue to stand against incitement and terrorism, and oppose settlement expansion.” And that Jerusalem would be the undivided capital of Israel, due to its connection with the final status arrangements for negotiations, and that it would remain available to followers of all religions.

The Democrats will restore diplomatic relations between the United States and the Palestinians, and return aid to the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza, in accordance with US law, as indicated by the program.

Trump is counting on his great bias towards Israel through his Middle East peace deal and moving the embassy to Jerusalem (Getty Images)

The Jewish voice in swing states
American Jews are known for their intense political participation, whether through voting or the eagerness to occupy many political, judicial and legislative positions.

The number of American Jews is 6.3 million people, or 1.9% of the total number of Americans, but they have 36 members of Congress (7%) and 9 members of the Senate 100, all of them affiliated with the Democratic Party, and 27 deputies in the House of Representatives, 25 of whom are Democrats, and only two members Belong to the Republican Party.

American Jews are scattered in all fifty states, and their percentage does not exceed 1% of the state’s population except in rare cases.

The Jewish population of New York State is 7% of its total population, and they represent 6% of the population of the neighboring state of New Jersey, as well as 3% of the state of Maryland adjacent to Washington, DC.

These three states are not considered swinging, as they are guaranteed to vote for the Democrats, so none of the candidates spends their time participating in electoral events in them, and the votes of the Jews have no importance in these states.

Conversely, Florida is a swing state, with 3% of the Jews, or roughly 650,000 people, of its total population of 21.5 million. There is great importance for its Jewish voters in settling the ballot, especially with the number of registered voters belonging to the Democratic and Republican parties approaching 5 million voters for each party.

The same applies to the states of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, and although the percentage of Jews in either of them does not exceed 1%, the Jewish vote is important in them because of its extreme swing.

During the 2016 elections, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan won the presidential race with fewer than 200,000 combined votes, and from here the Jewish vote may play an important role despite its numerical limitations.

The importance of the Jewish voters in this swing state is doubled, especially since Jews usually participate in the vote in greater proportions than other communities, and with a, voting rates of about 55% at the national level, the rate of Jewish voting is about 85%.

Jewish Democrats for Biden
The American Jewish Democratic Council is the most important Jewish institution close to the Democratic Party. It aims to promote a policy that is consistent with progressive, social, pro-Israel values ​​and the Jewish community of the United States.

This council encourages Jewish voters to participate in the presidential and legislative elections, and is led by a group of leaders of the Jewish community from all over the United States.

He also works closely with the Biden campaign, and this council recently held events in swing states such as Pennsylvania, Florida and Ohio during which he called on Jews to vote for Biden.

The Jewish Democratic Council enlisted the participation of Jewish lawyer Glass Imhoff, husband of Kamala Harris, Biden’s running mate, in all of these events.

The council also broadcast an election advertisement describing Trump as “the greatest threat to American Jews.” Footage of extremists supporters of racist and anti-Jewish white supremacist groups chanting “Jews will not replace us” during a rally in mid-2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Biden has expressed opposition to any unilateral steps, including annexation of parts of the West Bank (European).

Republican Jewish Coalition
The Republican Jewish Coalition represents the most important Jewish institution supporting the Republican Party and the election of President Trump, and it seeks to “strengthen ties” between the American Jewish community and Republican decision-makers.

The coalition works to educate Republican officials in American administrations, and within the Republican Party, of the concerns and issues of the Jewish community, while promoting republican ideas within the Jewish community, as its website states.

Founded in 1985, its board of directors is chaired by billionaire Sheldon Adelson, who has donated $ 28 million of his own money to support Trump’s campaign.

Matt Brooks, the coalition’s executive director, said his foundation was focusing on swing states to boost Trump’s chances of winning. “The Democrats like to say they have the majority of the Jewish vote, but that’s not what the 2020 election battle is all about,” he said.

The Jewish Republican Alliance launched another $ 10 million social media ad campaign depicting the Democratic presidential candidates as a disgrace to America and a threat to Israel.

The majority of the Jews vote for Biden … but
According to the Pew Center, 71% of American Jews voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 elections, 24% voted for Trump, then the percentage of Jews voting for Democratic candidates in the 2018 congressional elections, that is, two years after Trump’s rule, rose to 79%.

The Jewish Elections Institute poll, in mid-September, indicates that 60% of American Jews expressed their confidence in Biden to deal with the dangers of anti-Semitism and white extremists, while 26% of them expressed confidence in Trump.

The poll – in which 800 American Jews participated – showed that 67% of the Jewish voters surveyed intend to vote for Biden, while 30% said they intend to vote for Trump, and 3% have not decided yet.

This percentage is 4% less than the percentage of voters for Hillary Clinton four years ago, and this small percentage among Jewish voters could have a significant impact in one or more swing states.

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