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Therapists Are Fighting for Psilocybin Mushroom Legalization in Canada

Therapists Are Fighting for Psilocybin Mushroom Legalization in Canada

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  1. From the anecdotal evidence, it sounds like it would be very useful for PTSD and other trauma-related symptoms.

  2. Joe Rogan is gonna be visiting Canada a lot of this happens

  3. [http://maps.org/](http://maps.org/) are making great progress in legalising MDMA for therapeutic use. the evidence of its efficacy is overwhelming.

  4. I’ve long been more interested in mushrooms than marijuana legalization. I’ve never done either, sadly. I believe in having “tools in the toolbox” and that every job needs a different tool, especially when the job involves working on humans. It’s stupid, to me, that we continue to deny ourselves what could be useful tools.

  5. Why do they even have to fight? it’s been 4 years since that breakthrough study found that a single dose treats depression and anxiety for 6+ months ([Source](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27909165)), 2 years since the FDA approved it for treatment resistant depression and 1 year for major depressive disorder.

  6. For anyone interested, here in Brazil they are 100% legal, you can buy on the internet for 18 dollars (5g)

  7. Sure, but what about their patients?

  8. Holy shit that’s awesome.

  9. Can we get to medicinal coca extracts, please? I have persistent itchy nose syndrome, and there’s only one cure.

  10. What?

    THE RAPISTS? what? rapists should be in jail, surely. what has the world come to?


  11. you would think therapists would be more interested in legalising rohypnol.

  12. Ah.. this needs typo of extra space after first 3 letters.

  13. to anyone who hasn’t done them, they kinda suck anyway… get all tense and stuff and feel all bleh just so you can watch some wierd shit like wallpaper running down the wall, or the top of the tv bezel bleeding onto the screen… or watch your friend go through some existential crisis while you just wanna sit there and admire how green everything is…

    tbh… not worth it…

  14. First, it’s marijuana. Then, it’s psilocybin. At this rate, crack cocaine will be considered for legal use.

    Edit: Downvoted by druggies.

  15. If they do manage to get them legalized, I am moving to Canada. This is seriously most important thing to me in life.

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