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There is a potential chance for a Brexit deal with Britain

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on Wednesday, “The path of negotiating with Britain to reach a deal on Brexit (BREXIT) is difficult, but it continues until solutions are found.”

She also mentioned, “As things look now, I cannot say whether an agreement will be reached or not. But I can say that there is a path to an agreement. It may be very limited but it does exist.”

“We found a way forward in all cases except for two pending issues, which are equal opportunities and fishing areas,” she added, stressing that the coming days will be decisive.

The Chairperson confirmed that difficulties existed in ensuring fair competition in the future, but announced that issues related to governance had been largely resolved.

On the other hand, a British official said, when asked to comment on von der Leyen’s comments, “We have made some progress, but we are still very far apart on the main issues.”

And last week, the European Union and London exchanged accusations over responsibility for the lack of progress in negotiations on an agreement regulating their relationship after Britain’s expected exit from the Union.

The European Union spoke of what it called “wasting valuable time”, while Britain accused it of making negotiations “unjustifiably difficult.”

The two sides entered the last stage of difficult talks to protect trade worth about a trillion dollars annually, in the post-transitional period on December 31.

Failure to reach an agreement will harm economies on both sides of the English Channel, shake up markets and cause chaos in supply chains across Europe as it grapples with the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the event that the last day of 2020 comes without reaching an agreement, the WTO rules will be applied with high customs duties and tightening customs control in the trade relations between the two parties.

During the second quarter of this year, the United Kingdom recorded a record economic decline of 20.4%, and during the first six months of the year it recorded the worst recession ever. As for the Eurozone (19 countries from the European Union), its GDP fell between April and June by 12.1%.

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