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There is neither justice nor peace in Libya unless the warlords are punished


The British Independent newspaper said that Libya, after 10 years of the popular revolution that toppled the regime of Muammar Gaddafi, is attracted by two contradictory visions, the first political, which culminated in the election of a transitional administration under the auspices of the United Nations during the Libyan Dialogue Forum earlier this month in Geneva, and the second is a military one that many have made over the past decade It is associated with militias, death squads, bombings and murders.

The newspaper stated – in a report by its international editor, Borzo Dragahi – that without a “kind of transitional justice” the two visions would coexist – and perhaps even flourish – for many years and decades, and the first would remain a good smiling mask for the grim and cynical second.

She emphasized that the military security vision was detailed in a worrying report issued by Amnesty International on the anniversary of the revolution on 17 February, which spoke about the violations of the rule of law by militants loyal to political leaders with little accountability for war crimes, field executions, torture, kidnapping and disappearance crimes. Forced.

The United Nations has tried hard – according to the newspaper – to reconcile these two divergent visions, in order to consolidate the emerging civil institutions, while continuing to restrict armed groups that do not have, for this reason, many options other than transferring their differences and aspirations to the political battle.

Last week, the UN envoy to Libya Stephanie Williams reviewed the various alternative measures and plans that were put in place to ensure that the retired warlord, Major General Khalifa Haftar, who controls the east of the country, and the various political and military blocs that dominate the West, do not cause the political process to spoil while it is trying The country will return to its normal life.

All the major players in Libya and those who support them from outside, including Egypt, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Russia, have publicly declared their support for the political track.

On the other hand, an Amnesty International report indicates that many Libyan militia leaders were legitimized and considered political actors even though they were never held accountable for their crimes, including the assassination of political opponents.

No guarantees

The newspaper asserts that in reality there are few – and perhaps none – guarantees that those accused of war crimes will not achieve the greatest privileges and hold the highest positions in any future Libyan government.

In Amnesty International’s report, Diana Al-Tahawy believes that “unless those responsible for violations are brought to justice rather than rewarding them with positions and positions of power, the violence, chaos, systematic violations of human rights and the endless suffering of civilians in post-Gaddafi Libya will continue unabated.”

The newspaper concludes that the international peace-makers see an opportunity that the powerful alleged criminals in Libya, having evaded justice and gained a measure of legitimacy, can finally decide to put their old methods behind them and replace their uniforms with more modest suits, and sincerely embrace the political process.

However, this way out not only deprives victims of the Libyan violations of their right to justice, but also considers, by looking at past experiences, a path of rare success because history has always proven that “the warlord who fought today is the murderous dictator tomorrow.”

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