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There is no solution without Turkey’s participation

On Friday evening, the Armenian army bombed two Azerbaijani cities, amid continuing battles between the two sides. While Iran issued a new warning to the two countries, the President of Azerbaijan stressed that there is no solution to the crisis without Turkey’s participation.

And the Anadolu Agency reported that the Armenian army bombed two cities inside Azerbaijan, which means expanding the scope of the battles to more than the disputed Karabakh region between the two countries.

In a tweet posted on his personal account on Twitter, Hikmat Hajiyev, the Azerbaijani Vice President, said, “The Armenian army launched a missile attack on Ganja and Minga Chivir.”

He pointed out that the raid that targeted Ganja caused the demolition of buildings, and that there are large numbers of civilians under the rubble, pointing out that rescue work is continuing to remove them.

The fights are continuing
Armenian and Azerbaijani forces fought fresh clashes on Friday, dashing hopes for an end to nearly 3 weeks of fighting over the Nagorno Karabakh region.

Al-Jazeera correspondent in Azerbaijan confirmed that the exchange of bombing between the two sides continues, despite the ceasefire agreement.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said that his country has incurred the Armenian army’s military losses estimated at two billion dollars so far, noting that Armenia announced the killing of 600 soldiers, but the death toll was more than that, according to his estimate.

On the other hand, Azerbaijan does not announce any military casualties, but 47 civilians were killed and 222 wounded, according to the Azerbaijan Prosecutor’s Office.

The island’s crew managed to enter the city of Gabriel, south of Karabakh, near the border with Iran, which the Azerbaijani army had declared control of on the fourth of October.

Most of the city’s homes and neighborhoods appear deserted, after their residents were displaced from them, following the Armenian army’s control of them 30 years ago.

Turkish presence
And in context same, The President of Azerbaijan said that the crisis between his country and Armenia cannot be resolved without Turkey’s participation.

Turkey is clearly on the side of Azerbaijan, which has sparked US and Western criticism.

A Turkish government spokesman said that the Armenian massacres and attacks against Azerbaijan would not go unpunished. “Armenia is accused of committing crimes against humanity, and it must be tried in the name of law and humanity,” he added.

As for the Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan, he stressed that his country is ready for a cease-fire, based on the understandings reached by the two parties recently in Moscow.

Fire in Iran
Iran issued a new warning to neighboring Armenia and Azerbaijan, after shells fell as a result of their battles on the Iranian side of the border, wounding one person.

Iran had earlier warned Armenia and Azerbaijan not to approach its territories, and deployed tanks on its borders with the two warring countries.

On Friday, the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry announced that the shells that fell on Iranian territory were fired by the Armenian army.

She added that thanks to the operations of the Azerbaijani army, the Armenian forces withdrew from their positions and fired shells at the Iranian side to provoke, she said.

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