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These are the traps Pompeo is setting for Biden

The Washington Post said that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is carrying out an inappropriate campaign to attract attention while on his way to leave his post, through the tweets he publishes on his official Twitter account, full of political slogans and being proud of his accomplishments.

The newspaper warns Editorial That those plays Pompeo is doing to serve his personal interests now threaten to become fatal, as he unveiled over the weekend a series of decisions including the abolition of decades-old restrictions on diplomatic contacts with Taiwan, the inclusion of Cuba on the list of terrorism, and the designation of the rebel group. The Houthis in Yemen are a terrorist organization.

The Washington Post says that the three decisions announced by Trump’s Secretary of State will create chaos that the administration of President-elect Joe Biden will have to clean up later, and the most severe repercussions of the action on Yemen, which international aid officials say could plunge the war-torn country into famine.

The newspaper adds that a peaceful settlement is the only way to end the war and the humanitarian emergency in Yemen, and that designating the Houthis as a terrorist organization would impede reaching a peaceful solution.

And since the decision announced by Pompeo and the judge to designate the Houthis as a terrorist organization, and the speech to the newspaper, will take effect on January 19, that is, one day before he and the Trump administration leaves power, he will not have to deal with its repercussions, and thus he leaves a minefield in a way. Unambiguous to the Biden administration.

The Washington Post says that other decisions announced by Pompeo bear the characteristics of the same traps, whereby one of them obliges the incoming administration to inflame Beijing – and may trigger a crisis between China and the United States – by canceling restrictions on communications between US and Taiwanese officials that have existed for 40 years.

The second is to reclassify Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism after the Obama administration raised that rating, even though the Cuban regime led by President Raul Castro does not have a recent record of aiding terrorists.

The newspaper concluded that Pompeo, who does not hide his presidential ambitions, will rush to score political points at the expense of US interests if President-elect Joe Biden and the next Secretary of State Anthony Blinken backtrack on those measures announced by him, a cheap and cynical strategy that confirms the verdict in Mostly`s history over Pompeo as one of the worst foreign ministers ever in US history.

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