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They beat him and he is waiting for deportation … the story of a young Tunisian man who lost his “masculinity” due to the violence of the French police

The life of the Tunisian young man, Ayman Barhoumi, was turned upside down after his arrest and assault by the French police, which had grave consequences that may destroy his chances of having children in the future.

This began on December 13, when the administrative detention center in the city of Nice, southern France, turned into the scene of unprecedented and brutal violence, according to the French Mediapart newspaper.

Inside one of the halls of the detention center – where irregular foreigners are housed for deportation – members of the police brutally beat Ayman Barhoumi, 35, to be urgently transferred to Pasteur Hospital in Nice, where he underwent an operation that required the removal of one of his testicles.

The hospital confirmed in a medical report that the removal of Barhoumi’s testicle resulted from severe beatings, according to the French newspaper.

The beginning of the tragedy

It all began with Barhoumi with just a regular identity check, to end in tragedy for the Tunisian young man who clings to life, on the evening of December 12, in the vicinity of one of the famous squares of Nice, Brahoumi was present without a passport or residence card proving his legal presence on French soil.

Although the police officers knew about Barhoumi’s file, which they had previously arrested, they drove him in a truck to a police station, and from there he was transferred the next day to the administrative detention center in Nice.

Barhoumi said, revealing some details of his tragedy. When I arrived at the detention center, two policemen began to take pictures of me and record my data, and at that time they told me: You have come back to us.

Brahoumi knew the policemen from an earlier incident in 2018 when they stopped him in Nice and forced him to return to his country by boat after he was given a dose of sedatives, according to Media Part.

He added that when they asked to get my fingerprints again, they refused, because they already have them, but that refusal opened the door to a brutal assault on him by two police officers.

The Tunisian young man grabbed me by the throat with one hand, while his colleague extended his hand to hang me on the wall and shouted an insulting phrase to my mother, and then I replied to him on the same occasion.

Barhoumi goes on to recount his story, saying that his saliva flowed due to a tightness in his throat, and at that time he thought I was spitting on them.

The suffering did not end there, as he was also – according to his account – kicking in sensitive areas of his body, including the genitals.

After he was severely beaten, Barhoumi was transferred, handcuffed, to another building in the same administrative detention center as part of his arrest procedures on charges, including violence against persons holding public authority, threats of death, contempt and insult.

False accusations

While the French police did not respond to Media Part’s inquiries, the facts mentioned in the minutes of Burhumi’s hearing – which were conducted by the General Inspectorate of Police on 18 This December – It was alleged that Barhoumi refused to wear a mask, insulted the police, and threatened that his brother would slaughter the two policemen, in addition to spitting on the policemen, shouting “Corona virus”.

The report stated that the policemen had to deal violently with Barhoumi in response to his attempt to hit one of them in the head.

Barhoumi denies the police report, but the sure thing is that the doctor who examined him demanded that he be transferred to the hospital’s emergency room due to his suffering from genital pains that required him to undergo orchidectomy, which could destroy his ability to have children and partially undermine his manhood.

“I feel physically tired and mentally disturbed,” said Barhoumi, following the police violence.

The young Tunisian filed an official complaint against the police with the help of the (non-governmental) Refugee Forum Association, which helps detainees awaiting deportation in the administrative detention center.

According to the French newspaper, Barhoumi won the first round in his case against the Nice police with the issuance of a decision to release him, which was done for him, as he is now free.

However, he is still threatened with a deportation decision issued against him by a court with a ban on returning to France during the next two years, despite his lawyer submitting an appeal against the decision.

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