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“They want to kill me.” Muhammad Qabsi’s last words before his death in a French police car revive hope for justice

Eight months after the incident, Hoda Qabsi Farha screams that “the truth will finally emerge,” after accusing 3 police officers from the municipality of Beziers and placing them under surveillance. They arrested her brother Mohamed during quarantine and transferred him to the police station in a coma, where he died after hour.

According to the information of the French newspaper Le Monde, indictments were brought against the three policemen who arrested Mohamed Qabsi, 33, on April 8 in the evening after their detention.

The Prosecutor of the Court of Beziers, Raphael Paland, said that “the policeman who placed himself on top of the victim in the back seat of the police car, was charged with intentional violence that resulted in death without intent to kill by a person of public authority,” while his colleagues were accused “of not helping a person” At risk, “explaining that their innocence is all presumed throughout the investigation period.

The newspaper reported that, since the judicial investigation opened on April 11, investigators from the Regional Judicial Police Department in Montpellier have been collecting testimonies and videos of the arrest.

“These videos are crucial to redressing my sibling,” says the family’s lawyer, Jean-Marc Darigade.

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Police attorney Luke Apratkewitz said that his clients, “who are professionals and have a very good evaluation by their superiors,” could have filmed the scene themselves from start to finish, but he told investigators that they had not had time to open the camera, so only testimonies and videos filmed by residents remained.

The story began when the municipality police car stopped at 10:20 pm in front of Muhammad and requested that his papers be checked due to the quarantine, and he is known to the police who examined him twice, but Muhammad – according to the officers ’account – appeared this time violent.

The confessions of the officers came in different accounts, the first of them said that Muhammad hit Saddam in the back of the car, the second said that he tried to get rid of the verification while he was leaping, and the third said that he attacked a police officer while getting out of the car and ran away, and described his behavior as being similar to the behavior of a person under the influence of drugs.

The officers, according to their accounts, handcuffed the victim to the ground, then put him in the back of the car and face down, and one of them sat on his buttocks to keep him still during the transportation, but he calmed down and began “snoring” before reaching the police station.

However, video clips of the public and witnesses told a different story, and they said that Muhammad was on the ground and surrounded by at least 10 police officers who were summoned, and he clung to a crossbar shouting to attract the attention of passers-by saying, “Why are you doing this to me? I have done nothing.” .

Muhammad’s voice was clearly heard in the videos, shouting, “Help me. They want to kill me,” and the policeman replies, “Shut up, I’ll make you sleep.” Two witnesses that investigators interrogated and subsequently refused to speak said that the policeman placed his hands and knees on the detainee’s neck.

When the National Police officers received Qabbisi’s body, a witness said that “his face was blue, his neck was hanging and his saliva was dropping,” and they massaged the heart and called for help, but the man died an hour later, as confirmed by the doctor.

Squeeze the neck

Many witnesses, according to the newspaper, expressed their concerns about the municipal police in Beziers, after their numbers have doubled since 2014, with the election of Robert Menard, close to the National Assembly, as mayor of the city.

Anna – a relative of the Qabbsi family – said that the arrests of Muhammad by the National Police were always going smoothly, so he was transferred to the police station in peace. She added that, “he was sick, but instead of being dealt with by medical professionals, he was treated by violent people.” .

The latest expert report said that the cocaine concentration is clearly visible in the blood, which is theoretically enough to “lead to the death of the man alone,” but the report was careful not to consider this the only cause of death, indicating damage to the left side of the brain.

The newspaper said that a fracture of the cartilage and a compression of the vagus nerve were observed in the neck of my socket during the autopsy, both of which were caused by crushing the neck.

The newspaper commented that these findings undermine the police’s account, although the family’s lawyer acknowledged that “my siblings’ health was fragile due to his drug use, ”but the question that should be asked is,“ Would he have died that day had he not met the police? ”

While waiting for justice to be served, Hoda Qabsi continued to lay flowers every week in the place where her brother was arrested, after the cleaners in Beziers quickly removed the traces of that deadly night.

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