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This is what the leaders of Sudan want as a price for normalization with Israel

Political analyst and researcher Al-Baqer Al-Afif specified the demands that the Sudanese leaders want to agree to normalization with Israel, and stressed that the two parts of the country will not mind if these demands are fulfilled.

Al-Afif explained in statements to the “Beyond the News” program in its episode on (26/9/2020) that Sudan wants America to remove its name from the list of countries supporting terrorism, as well as write off all debts owed by it, amounting to $ 65 billion, and to stop its demands to compensate the victims of the attacks. Terrorist organization because it hosted the late al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

He went on to affirm that Sudan’s foreign debts are borne by the former regime, which the people overthrew in a massive popular revolution, and accused it of stealing these funds.

The researcher rejected information reported by “Foreign Policy” that spoke about “cheap and cheap” prices that Sudan would not be satisfied with for normalization with Israel, and the magazine had indicated that the United States pledged to pay $ 500 million to support Sudan, provided in the form of projects and scattered aid, while the UAE pledged. About 600 million provided as fuel for Sudan, and Israel has ensured 10 million that is paid directly to the Sudanese budget.

In light of the American, Israeli and Emirati offers in exchange for the Sudanese demands, Al-Afif considered that the ball is now in the court of the American administration, and that if it agreed to these demands, Khartoum would at the same moment announce normalization with Tel Aviv.

On the other hand, the head of the Inclusive National Project bloc, Mahmoud Abdel-Jabbar described the pressures that Sudan is facing, to normalize with Israel, as unacceptable political blackmail and fornication, stressing that the US administration should remove Sudan from the terrorism list immediately and without conditions, because the Sudanese have removed With the regime that supported terrorism according to the American vision.

Abdul-Jabbar mocked the prices offered to his country to accept normalization with Israel, and break the Sudanese decisions that have been in effect for decades that criminalize normalization, and said, “I thought those who wanted to sell Sudan and the Sudanese were looking for much more expensive prices, than just 500 million dollars or 600 million or 10 million. “

He stressed that Sudan is a country of huge resources, capable of recovering from its current crises, without having to give up its dignity, indicating that the sale of Sudan’s sesame, gum and hibiscus crops will bring it much more numbers than America, the UAE and Israel offer it.

Abdul-Jabbar concluded his speech with a question: Why do some want to delude the Sudanese that normalization with Israel will bring them economic prosperity and prosperity? Stressing that many of the countries that are normalized with Israel, their people do not find anything to eat, and on the other hand, there are countries that do not print with Tel Aviv, whose peoples enjoy prosperity and dignity.

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