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‘This may be the last piece I write’: prominent Xi critic has internet cut after house arrest. Professor who published stinging criticism of Chinese president was confined to home by guards and barred from social media

‘This may be the last piece I write’: prominent Xi critic has internet cut after house arrest. Professor who published stinging criticism of Chinese president was confined to home by guards and barred from social media

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  1. [Here is a link to the piece he wrote.](http://www.chinafile.com/reporting-opinion/viewpoint/viral-alarm-when-fury-overcomes-fear)

    >And that is why people like me—feeble scholars though we are—are useless, for we can do nothing more than lament, take up our pens, avail ourselves of what we write to issue calls for decency and advance pleas on behalf of Justice. Faced with the crisis of the coronavirus, confronting this disordered world, I join my compatriots—the 1.4 billion men and women, brothers and sisters of China, the countless multitudes who have no way of fleeing this land—and I call on them: rage against this injustice; let your lives burn with a flame of decency; break through the stultifying darkness and welcome the dawn.

    >Let us now strive together with our hearts and minds, also with our very lives. Let us embrace the warmth of a sun that proffers yet freedom for this vast land of ours!

    Dr. Xu Zhangrun sounds like a patriot, to me.

  2. It’s insane how 18% of the people in the world live under such an oppressive government. Why isn’t the rest of the world reacting to them? To keep their pockets full of money?

  3. A lot of people don’t see the big big picture. The modern CCP is dragging the whole world down a very dark road.


    After years of multi-laterism, with Western powers building institutions and organisations like the UN, the World Health Organisation and pushing for democracy / global standards on human rights, China is now trying to unpick it all for their own advantage.


    China is actively subverting democracies around the world – especially Taiwan and Hong Kong, which are most likely preludes to how it will treat other countries in the future. The CCP are expansionist; they are trying to steal territory left right and centre (from ‘disputed’ regions with its neighbours, to the South China Sea, Tibet, Taiwan, the Arctic and even space). They are trying to expand their sphere of power and influence outwards, appeasing them by giving them Taiwan or the South China Sea will most likely have no better results than it did with a certain German leader.


    For anyone who would say that comparing the CCP to the Nazis is crude and contrived, you need only look to the facts. The CCP achieved power through civil war, they refuse their own people political alternatives or decision-making power, they are expansionist and they are actively attacking freedom of information / human rights around the world, they are oppressing their own people (stifling religious, political and even intellectual freedom / expression), and they are trying to export their lowest common denominator, free for all policy abroad by flirting with every dictatorship they can, who they have no moral qualms about endorsing or empowering.


    That is the true face of the CCP, they are undermining efforts to hold any country anywhere to any standard, because they would rather pump money into unaccountable dictatorships, regardless of what wrongs or atrocities they might be committing, than lose face and embrace democracy. The CCP believe in unaccountable, top down power, as long as they can be at the head of the table they don’t care if we all one day live in a world populated by cruel and arbitrary authoritarian regimes that operate as open-air prisons. They would prefer it if each of those regimes imported Chinese surveillance technology and acted as information silos, with limited access to outside information (that might hold the regimes to account) and no rights to criticise the government or explore political alternatives.


    The Chinese government is actively subverting the UN charter of human rights by trying to create its own version, arguing that social stability (as defined and dictated by the government) is the most fundamental human right. In other words, as long as the government is, very broadly speaking, providing some form of stability, any other human right is secondary, and can be violated in pursuit of ‘stability’. China is now trying to sell this version of human rights around the world to justify the kinds of practices you see at home, in Hong Kong etc. etc.


    I hope the experience of the coronavirus is a wake up call for the Chinese people, because the good people of Wuhan have been Xinjianged – they have been put on lock down, dragged out of their homes and forced into shoddy temporary quarantine sites that don’t have sufficient medical resources, and when they have tried to speak up they have been drowned out by the states propoganda and censorship. The government has actively killed as many people as it has saved due to its heavy-handed miscalculations and its inability to show efficacy without resorting to unnecessary force.


    Again, please don’t buy products from China where it can be avoided, the country has been enriched by positive foreign business relations and engagement in recent decades, and instead of responding in kind (opening up, becoming more democratic) the CCP have been betraying and trying to manipulate the rest of the world ever since. They have tried to punch a whole in the world economy by systematically stealing foreign technology, subsidising their own companies in a way that does not respect WTO rules and denying foreign companies fair access to their own markets. Economically empowering modern China is empowering the CCP, and they have shown themselves to be bad actors in almost every conceivable way. We should not be buying the future the CCP want to foist on us, we shouldn’t be rewarding them economically (and politically) while they are actively subverting all democracy, human rights, trust in politics and freedom around the world. We should not be paying them or letting them off the hook for making our world a worse place for us and future generations just because their products are relatively cheap (they are cheap because they lie, cheat and steal, and will continue to do so).


    The intellectual in this article is waiting for his fellow Chinese to wake up, but we all need to wake up because this rabbit hole goes very deep.


    Edit: thank you to everyone who has responded and to those who have given gold etc., I think the best thing I can do in return is promise to also give gold to someone else the next time I come across a great comment.

  4. I’m amazed by the size of the Chinese military and police force that they can have so many people under constant surveillance with a personal guard and still not run out of personnel.

    How many people do they have under personal watch right now?

  5. great, another blatant dictatorship getting ready for world domination, have we literally learned nothing from history? -_-

  6. To think:

    Article 35 of the 1982 State Constitution proclaims that “citizens of the People’s Republic of China enjoy freedom of speech, of the press, of assembly, of association, of procession, and of demonstration.”

    Good luck with that.

  7. Xitler is detaining and silencing his best and brightest.

  8. “I think they’ve handled it professionally and I think they’re extremely capable and I think President Xi is extremely capable and I hope that it’s going to be resolved” -Trump

    Note he JUST said this two days ago too.

  9. Say what you want of the United States, but you can call our liar, an idiot, a criminal from the street corner to the television news to the internet and not worry a bit.

    Free speech for all!

  10. This is the government that WHO has praised and not placed one criticism on. WHO and CCP have come out of all this somehow managing to look considerably worse. Absolutely revolting.

  11. …is being confined to his new, snug, one room appartment, conveniently situated about 4 feet down.

  12. This is why Huawei and other Chinese companies are really dangerous. It is not apple-to-apple compared to Western companies in term of data protection. You can say that Google, Microsoft, etc are also monitoring us. But at least anyone can critize and even challenge them. There are a lot of politicians who will help. Now let’s have a look at China. Can you do the same? Critisizing government means death let alone challenge the law.

  13. He’s gonna either “disappear” or get “infected” by Covid-19 isn’t he.


  14. How do we still have this shit going on? Leaders of countries that do this . Could you imagine if this type of thing happened in America to trump critics? This needs to change! Its 2020! Xi needs to die! No more disgusting, self righteous Porsche of shit leader dictators! All humans should be free. At least, be as free as Americans

  15. China is an example on why Winnie the pooh should never be given power

  16. Remember this when people start talking about technology and privacy rights. This could happen in the US and our sedated lifestyles will let it happen.

    Can’t wait for China to start using statistical analysis to predict criminal behavior based on genes, family, and location. They’ll arrest people who could possibly statistically end up violent or against the government without any actual actions taken by the “criminal”.

  17. But America is just as bad as China, right guys?

  18. Man, the Chinese that do and support this really are big pieces of shit.

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