This plane can fly 500 miles, powered entirely by hydrogen. It’s the largest zero-emissions plane to ever fly without any fossil fuels.

This airplane can fly 500 miles, powered solely by hydrogen. It’s the biggest zero-emissions airplane to ever fly with none fossil fuels.

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  1. What about the cost to create to hydrogen fuel? Curious about the emissions or energy consumption it takes to create the fuel needed. Im mostly sure the reason its not the fuel for more things is because what it takes to get that much hydrogen. Once energy isnt a problem, we can separate water all day and get it back through hydrogen engine exhaust.

  2. Why all this hydrogen hate?

    Sure, most hydrogen nowadays is made with methane and produces CO2
    But most electricity generated to charge up batteries is also generated with gas and coal…

    That’s such a useless argument.

  3. Hang on a minute, what about all those electric planes that have been around for decades. No one can forget Solar Impulse2 circumnavigating the globe entirely by solar power. Hydrogen is a dead end supported only by fuel companies grasping at an alternative to keep you coming back to the filling station.

  4. The trouble with hydrogen is that there isn’t any. Whatever resource your H2 comes from is basically the ashes of hydrogen that has burned up and released all its energy; in order to use it as fuel, you have to start by *putting the energy back in*. Every joule of mechanical energy you get from an H2 engine is a joule you have to extract from some *other* energy source to “unburn” the H2. (More than one actually, thanks to the Second Law.)

    In other words, H2 is not a *fuel* but an *energy exchange medium*.

  5. Pretty sure the Hindenburg crossed the Atlantic on hydrogen only.

    I mean, I guess technically it was an “air ship” and not an “air plane”, and the hydrogen was for “lift” and not “fuel”, but tomato, tomahto.

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