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Thousands of people trapped in Australian coastal town of Mallacoota by huge wildfires

Thousands of people trapped in Australian coastal town of Mallacoota by huge wildfires

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  1. When people refer to climate “alarmists”, it’s worth noting these are the types of events that signal the new normal.

    We can’t afford to have climate deniers like Scott Morrison in charge.

    We’re probably too late to stop some if not much of the horrific effects of climate change , but we can’t continue to have global governments that pretend like the new yearly, deadly, horrific biome changing disasters aren’t connected and going to continue to rise.

    We at least need people that are going to acknowledge and prepare for this, rather than leaving dumb cunts looking to make a quick buck in charge.

  2. Absolutely fucking terrifying

  3. As we think about the people around the country facing similar catastrophes, we need to keep in mind that as a country, we are aiding and abetting this situation, on a grand scale.

    There is another reality where, in the 80s, oil and coal companies came clean about their research on the impact of CO2 on the climate, and where politicians forewent donor money in favour of restructuring our energy system.

    In that reality, this fire is not on its way to someone’s home. It doesn’t exist. That’s what it means when we say the bushfire burn this year so far is 15 times greater than the burn of previous whole-years.

    At some stage, we will need a Commission into Climate Denialism, Recklessness and Corruption. For now, we need political action. We can’t change the that these fires are to be our new normal. We can act to make it be the upper limit of the new normal. According to the credible science, we have a year to massively shift our emissions footprint.

    Are our homes worth it? Are our kids’ ability to breath clear air in summer worth it? What will happen when we have the zoonotic disease version of these bushfires? The water shortage version of these bushfires?

    Good luck to those affected, and for those that believe in God, God Bless.

  4. this is a heartbreak


    fires breaking out in spots on shoreline: [https://twitter.com/MatildaBoseley/status/1211849355415580673](https://twitter.com/MatildaBoseley/status/1211849355415580673)




  5. But how good’s the cricket?

  6. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.reuters.com/article/us-australia-bushfires/thousands-of-people-trapped-in-australian-coastal-town-by-huge-wildfires-idUSKBN1YY1I3) reduced by 85%. (I’m a bot)
    > MELBOURNE – Thousands of tourists and residents in an Australian seaside town hunkered down in public buildings or waded into water at the seafront on Tuesday as wailing emergency sirens warned of a looming, fierce firefront.

    > With the coastal town of Mallacoota ringed by wildfires and the main road in and out of town cut off, residents and holidaymakers were forced to head to the local gymnasium or waterfront as embers swept through the town.

    > Local community radio presenter Francesca Winterson, who was hunkered down in a building on the town's main street, told Australian Broadcasting Corp that emergency sirens were accompanied by loudspeaker announcements throughout the town warning people to take shelter immediately.

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  7. It’s getting scary. I mean, we get this every year, but this is something else..

    [Flames rip through towns, fears death toll will rise as bushfires rage on | ABC News](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhmaXS70YnQ)

  8. Ok switch off from your grid NOW. All of you.

  9. Wait…. The country is burning, heatwave hitting, and 4000 people decided to go to the beach sunbathing NEAR a burning area?! This is not a good moment for faith in humanity :/

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