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Thousands of tonnes of fruit and vegetables are being left to rot in UK fields because of a shortage of pickers and packers in the face of continuing Brexit uncertainty.

1000’s of tonnes of fruit and greens are being left to rot in UK fields due to a scarcity of pickers and packers within the face of continuous Brexit uncertainty.

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  1. Not because farmers are unwilling to pay a decent wage for the job?

  2. But I’m sure all those unemployed brexiteers will be queuing up to work the jobs which those evil immigrants stole from them

  3. Maybe they are in the compost business now.

  4. Here’s a thought: let poor people pick what they want instead of letting the food rot.

  5. These are the jobs for the trump and brexit supporters that those f’in immigrants are taking from them. They could just go and do it, oh wait its too hard or pays too little? Hypocrits

  6. This year’s worker shortages are the latest in successive years of labour problems which **began in 2013 when the UK government ended a seasonal workers visa scheme** that enabled farmers to bring in pickers and packers from outside the EU.

    W.r.t. Brexit the government could easily guarantee that seasonal work visas stay valid for a reasonable period post-Brexit. The question is… why don’t they?

  7. Where are all those brexiters complaining about foreigners taking their jobs? Why don’t they take these jobs?

  8. Same thing happening here in US. Not enough people willing to do the work, so millions of apples rot on trees every year.

  9. I guess they will compost.

  10. Heh, no.
    They could always pay a fair wage to get it harvested.

  11. Good think Brexit will finally be done this month /s

  12. They have a huge Kurdish workforce headed their way as we speak

  13. Smart/ very “smart”

  14. I’d be more than happy to go pick my own selection and pay for it if they advertised it locally? Saves me fucking about with a shop, it’s fresh, there’s no packaging to worry about harming the environment.

    Shit, id even take my kids to pick some and give to local charities or elderly if the farmer would get on board, sure a local paper or news outlet would love that..

  15. Pick your own fruit and veg then, pay x amout to fill a basket everyone wins.

  16. Crazy how people want to get paid. Consumers are used to cheap food and are willing to get it no matter the human cost. Farmers are responding to that demand. It’s a fucked up system that incentivizes this behavior.

  17. Giving that food to the homeless people would be a terrible idea

  18. Same happened in Georgia after crackdowns by ICE. Even if the farms raise pay, picking jobs are only around for a few weeks out of the year in any individual place meaning those who work the job are destined for a nomadic lifestyle. It takes more than money to convince most people to get up and move every two weeks if they’re not already used to the lifestyle. Disrupting the currently existing system is costly, complicated and carries no guarantee that a viable alternative will emerge.

  19. Sounds like dumb business owners to me. You pay what it takes to entice a workforce.

    Get them to market!…duh.

    If it costs more to do than you charge more to sell. The cost if goods rise but citizens have solid jobs.

  20. It wouldn’t be the first time british were too ignorant , by choice even?, to cause wastage of perfectly good food and deny people the same. Heh.

  21. Sounds like a job for robots anyway. I wish we would hurry up and embrace automation properly, and do away with our shitty, outdated ideas about economy.

  22. Where’s all the immigrants and refugees they so dearly like to import? Maybe Angela can help?

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