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Three NHS nurses who had to wear bin bags for PPE test positive for coronavirus

Three NHS nurses who had to wear bin bags for PPE test positive for coronavirus

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  2. That’s so damn horrible.

  3. My mum is currently an NHS nurse working on the COVID ward and they had to argue with the stock clerk for an hour just to get masks. He was apparently a massive asshole saying ‘a lot of people need these’.

    Yeah dickhead… the nurses in the fucking wards.

    Edit: to all the people replying blaming nurses for the shortage of ppe – go fuck yourself, let’s see you hold that tone if they’re putting the ventilator in for you.

  4. Every single hospital bureaucrat who has ordered medical staff to not speak about ppe shortages while being grossly incompetent in stocking it appropriately needs to be named publicly in the press.

    We need to make sure people never forget the actions of these murderers.

  5. keep voting for cutting funding from the NHS


  6. I told my nurse wife to walk out if she doesn’t have appropriate PPE. I know she won’t though

  7. It might sound bad but the only way to stop nonsense like this is to stop working when you don’t have your equipment. Period. End of discussion.

    No, I don’t want people to die but apparently someone higher in that food chain really doesn’t care. After a few deaths because they didn’t have the right stock of protective equipment, they’ll be so stained that they’ll either be forced to resign or will be removed from the position to make room for someone who can do it right.

    No, it won’t stop it in a shortage but I promise the nurses aren’t responsible for that. Yet they’re the one’s suffering. At least stand the line to make sure it never happens again.

  8. Meanwhile MPs have given themselves £10K work from home expenses. NHS nurses get a clap from the public and no protective equipment. MPs get paid to sit at home. “We are in this together” my arse.


  9. Expect them to be clapped by the idiots that voted in the party that’s been cutting their funding for the last 10 years

  10. This is heartbreaking, our frontline healthcare workers shouldn’t have to wear garbage bags to protect themselves. Shame on the hospital administration, after this is all over they will be flooded with lawsuits.

  11. I find this bizarre. I’m a doctor in a fairly nearby hospital (North Middlesex) and we have adequate supply of PPE as per Public Health England advice (debate over the effectiveness is another thing entirely though). Though looking at what they’re wearing, it is no worse (possibly even better – due to increased coverage) than the official aprons.

    To be honest, we’re all basically swimming in virus here. I’m fairly certain I’ve already had it, and we all more or less expect to contract it no matter what we do.

  12. When that incident at Northwick park hospital happened they started sending patients to our hospital. Our trust forbid employees to wear appropriate PPE for untested patients so we don’t “panic” them. One week later both me and my partner are home with strong covid symptoms, we work on different hospital floors. They are refusing to test us still. My bet is all nhs workers that work with patients are infected only difference is the severity of the symptoms.

  13. Bin bags? As in plastic bags you put garbage in?

  14. Isn’t it probably them not wearing FPP2 mouth masks what caused it?

  15. That applause thing is working stellar innit?

  16. But people clapped for them! (after voting tory)

  17. I work in a hospital lab. We are testing specimens for COVID without masks or face shields because the higher ups have decided we are not essential enough to warrant giving adequate PPE to. Also we can’t wear homemade masks because they ‘don’t meet requirements for basic safety’…does anyone else think that’s bullcrap?

  18. Bojo: Thank you.

    But what about like our supplies and money and stuff?

    Bojo: No, no. Just thank you, no money.

  19. You mean to tell me garbage bags are not sufficient PPE against highly contagious viral disease? WHAT!?

  20. I presume there is some law that stops the families suing the govt for making the negligent choice not to stockpile PPE for an outbreak despite the advice that it was needed

  21. Stuff like this makes me really really angry upset and worried. My mum is an NHS nurse so this really hits deep.

  22. Chronic underfunding of the NHS is really showing, huh

  23. Shocking photos of the exhausted nurses wearing yellow-coloured waste bags circulated on social media in March.

  24. LOADS of hospital employees are tested positive for Corona, protective equipment or not.

  25. Watched a BBC report, where the reporter in the hospital was being asked by hospital staff wearing a bin bag where he got that (basically a hasmat suit) with advanced mask. Was sad to see.

  26. People who say nurses don’t deserve more pay. Look at what’s happening during this pandemic.

    The jobs that get paid higher are deemed non essential and they are working from home.

    But the work that nurses do is essential and they are literally risking their lives to help prevent this pandemic getting worse.

    This is story from the UK where there is a conservative majority in parliament that have cut funding to NHS resulting in pointless deaths and infection.

  27. All because the EU bled £350 mil a week from the NHS. Brexit good! /s

    Edit: typo

  28. Fuck the current administration.

  29. Unpopular opinions: follow Trust guidelines and don’t do anything without proper PPE.

    If someone crashes in our dept and I don’t have gloves and a mask I am not willing to take on the risk to save a life.

    I will also outright decline a procedure on a ward if I’m not fit tested for an FFP3 mask.

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