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Time for Trump’s favorite dictator to hear a different message

The Washington Post called on US President-elect Joe Biden to send a message different from the messages that President Donald Trump was sending to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, and demanded that Egypt be a major target for America’s efforts to defend human rights.

Intervals In her editorial Biden now has – even before taking office officially – an opportunity to raise the issue of human rights in Egypt publicly, and talk about it in any phone call he receives from the ruler of Egypt, especially since he had pledged to revive the United States’ support for democracy and human rights around the world, noting Until one of his top aides, Anthony Blinken, did so when he tweeted that “meeting with foreign diplomats is not a crime, and so is the peaceful defense of human rights.”

The newspaper’s call came against the background of the arrests of some members of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, adding that what happened to them is added to the campaign against independent journalists, political activists and civil society organizations that lasted for months, and more than 900 people were arrested, noting that this repression is the hallmark For the Sisi regime, “which since he came to power in a bloody coup in 2013 against a democratically elected government imprisoned tens of thousands of Egyptians, tortured, killed or disappeared thousands of others.”

The newspaper criticized President Trump for his sympathy with Sisi, who described him as “my favorite dictator” at the 2019 summit meeting, and whose administration’s response to the Cairo arrests – as the Washington Post says – was “weak” through two tweets from the State Department from mid-level officials, who were satisfied that They expressed their concern at a time when European governments protested at high levels against these arrests.

It recalled a tweet by Biden last July in which he said that Sisi was the most repressive ruler in Egypt’s modern history, and pledged that “no more white checks for Trump’s favorite dictator.”

She indicated that Congress, which has continued to allocate more than $ 1 billion in annual military aid to Egypt, is losing patience. Last October, 56 Democratic lawmakers signed a letter calling on the Egyptian regime to release “those unjustly detained for exercising their basic human rights.”

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