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To do justice to the areas that were subject to ISIS … Announce a new Sunni parliamentary front in Iraq

In Iraq, he announced the formation of a new parliamentary front that includes 35 deputies from Sunni political forces, in a move that, according to the announcement, aims to unify Sunni positions.

The head of the Salvation and Development Front, Osama al-Nujaifi, said in a press conference, “The establishment of the (new) front came to stop the deterioration and redress the oppressed, as well as to coordinate and implement the demands of the liberated areas (which were held by ISIS) and to collect their rights.”

The statement of the Front, which was read by Al-Nujaifi yesterday evening in the presence of a number of Sunni representatives, added that the meeting discussed holding early elections and the necessary efforts, far from the escaped weapon, indicating that the representatives also studied “the arbitrary measures that afflict the liberated governorates and the denial of rights and crimes suffered by their citizens. Enforced disappearance, prisoners and detainees. “

In addition to the Salvation and Development Front, the new bloc includes the Arab Project bloc led by Khamis Al-Khanjar, the Mass Bloc, the Islamic Party, the Independent Iraqi Bloc, and a number of independent representatives.

The announcement of the new political bloc coincides with the ongoing preparations in the country to organize early elections scheduled for June 6 of next year.

Sunnis won 71 seats in the Iraqi parliament out of 329 seats in the 2018 elections, and most of the Sunni political forces initially joined the “Axis” coalition, which included 50 parliamentarians while the others joined separate political blocs.

However, internal disputes led last May to the formation of a new alliance led by Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi with 32 parliamentarians, following withdrawals witnessed by the Axis alliance.

The disagreement between the Sunni forces centers on the way to manage the alliance and the divergence in political positions at the internal and external levels.

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