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To make a good impression on yourself … 10 ways you can learn from Meghan Markle

Most people feel uncomfortable while they are with strangers, which prompts them to use the mobile phone and pretend to have an important conversation, but there is no doubt that forming new acquaintances and winning the love of those around us in an easy way is a very easy thing that many dream of achieving.

In fact, every woman can learn these techniques from a woman who captures her incredible appeal, not only the heart of the Prince of Britain, but also the hearts of millions of people around the world.

The American “brightside” website reviewed some of the behaviors of Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s wife, that can be followed to create a good impression on you among strangers and win their hearts.

1. A sincere smile

When we smile at someone else, it is as if we are expressing our satisfaction with them, and they are more likely to smile at you in return. A sincere smile helps you feel comfortable among strangers and enjoy positive communication with them.

2. Compliments

The Duchess of Sussex knows very well that one of the easiest ways to win the affection of a stranger is to compliment him. You can express your admiration for a new acquaintance’s hairstyle, or say a nice word describing the beauty of the accessories that she wears, without exaggerating it. Kind words create a suitable atmosphere for communication comfortable.

Meghan Markle always tries to look into the eyes of the person you’re talking to and she does it right (Getty Images)

3. Eye contact

Megan Markle always tries to look into the eyes of the person you are talking to, and she does it right, the effect of eye contact is very effective, it allows you to show your good impression without uttering a word, and understand the mood of the opposite party.

4. Positive mood

Meghan Markle usually shows her good mood when out in public.

And according to research conducted by scientists at The Ohio State University and the University of Hawaii, people can sense the emotions of the people around them.

Also, positive emotions can be contagious. That is why if you want to make the people around you feel happy, you should try to broadcast positive emotions.

5. The chameleon effect

In order to win the affection of the person she is talking to, Megan uses the psychological reflexology method, and in 1999 scientists at New York University documented the so-called “chameleon effect” which is an involuntary simulation of another person’s behavior, and it occurs during communication between two people, and research has shown that these actions enhance feelings of admiration Between people.

In order to win the affection of the person she is talking to, Megan uses the psychological reflexology method (Reuters)

6. Turn toward the person you are talking to

You can know whether the person is interested in you or not by looking at the direction of his feet. If they are facing you, it is likely that this indicates that he wants to communicate with you, but if his feet turn to a different side, this means that this person is not interested in communicating with you.

7. Touching the hair

Many people notice that Megan often touches and combines her hair in front of everyone, some may think that this is a sign of growing feelings of anxiety, but there is another explanation for this habit, if the girl feels interested in someone, she automatically begins to touch her hair.

This way she flirts with the person you are talking to and subconsciously shows her a positive impression of him.

8. Don’t just talk about yourself

Megan Markle knows how important the ability to listen is when communicating with others. People love to talk about themselves and they want someone to listen to them to the end.

Do not rush to talk about yourself, but instead ask the person you are talking to clear questions. If you allow someone to share some of their life stories with you instead of just talking about yourself, this will create beautiful memories between you and the person will feel grateful to meet you.

Megan is not ashamed to touch someone who talks with her a little during public events (Reuters)

9. Touch who you are talking to

The site clarified that Megan is not ashamed of touching those who talk to her a little during public events, and it could be just a light touch on the hand or a pat on the back, for example, and it is believed that personal contact helps to break free from obstacles and makes the conversation continue smoothly.

10. Show feelings sincerely

Members of the British royal family are supposed to act according to certain rules, but Megan always shows her feelings publicly, and this is what we need to learn from her, as honesty is an important characteristic for building friendly relationships, and for you to feel comfortable while communicating with someone you can imagine that you are surrounded by your girlfriends Sweethearts and loved ones.

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