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Tokyo 2020 chief Yoshiro Mori confirms Olympics won’t be cancelled

Tokyo 2020 chief Yoshiro Mori confirms Olympics won’t be cancelled

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  1. Everyone knows it canceled.

  2. Canadians have already said our athletes won’t be there.

  3. The problem is whoever cancels the olympics becomes responsible for all the costs, so countries need to force the Olympic Committee to cancel and not put the burden of costs on countries that are fighting a pandemic.

  4. They will postpone, not cancel

  5. The reason they’re doing this is that if Japan is the only country to turn up they win by default.

    I for one am looking forward to japan’s 100% gold medal run.

  6. Old Japanese guys in positions like this can be stubborn as fuck. Everybody knows it’s all talk, but it’s just an accepted part of the timeline that will inevitably lead to the games being cancelled. They have to look resilient, like they’re fighting to the end, in front of the Japanese public – most of whom would accept it being postponed without fuss.

    After more countries inevitably pull out, it be would be a idiotic decision to go ahead with games. I know that cancellation would hurt financially, but equally, missing athletes and missing fans would also result in so much money being lost.

    They should be postponed until a full games can be held, and Japan can recoup as much money as possible.

  7. Has anyone called for cancellation? I thought the alternative to holding it on time was to postpone it, perhaps even by a year.

  8. Olympics is too dirty of a business to actually get cancelled.

  9. The Tokyo chief doesn’t seem to understand that no country will show up to Tokyo games, don’t cancel it, compete with Japanese only, that is if Japanese athletes decide for some reason to show up

  10. Why the fuck don’t other countries just pull out? They can’t hold the Olympics if athletes won’t show up.

  11. Yoshiro you’re a tool buddy. Swallow your pride and live to celebrate, game, and make money another day.

  12. Japan wins all events, congratulations japan.

  13. He’s dreaming.

    He is going to be disappointed

  14. We are not cancelling the Games, but you can’t come in the Country.

    2020: Japan wins all the medals.

    Slick strategy.

  15. Google this senile geezer. He’s a complete idiot.

  16. This is just like that scene in Avengers 2, in the beginning.

    The lead guy kept pumping up his people saying _**”We will not surrender!”**_

    While quietly whispering _**”We will surrender”**_ to his right arm

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