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Toyota Gearing Up To Build Ventilators And Face Shields As Mercedes Offers Use Of 3D Printers

Toyota Gearing Up To Build Ventilators And Face Shields As Mercedes Offers Use Of 3D Printers

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  1. I work at a component factory making car parts for Toyota.
    To make molds that we can inject with hot plastic might take a bit.
    I am off work until the 20th ( as of the last update) and in Canada. I wonder if our plant will have to switch over. Be interesting to see what happens.

  2. I don’t think we need 3D printing for this. What is really needed are industrial plastics injection machines that can run 27/7 so we could produce stuff by the thousands every hour.

  3. Ford is exploring ventilator production and making full-face shields for medical workers and first responders. FCA is also helping out as they’re planning to make than more than a million face masks monthly.

  4. Jesus Christ I see a lot of Debbie downers here saying how it can’t or shouldn’t be done by 3D printing. If you can’t tell we’re in fucking crisis mode right now and any possible manufacturing capability wether it’s efficient or not should be focused towards supplies to fight the virus.

    It’s like some of you genuinely want them to throw their hands up and not even fucking try anything at all.

  5. Is this Capitalistic Socialism?

    What next, an mass effort to get solar power on/to everyone’s homes to reduce drain on the energy infrastructure powering hospitals?

    A massive recycling movement to reduce disease infested waste from our lands and waterways?

    Overhaul of the food logistics chain to reduce spoilage, contamination, and vermin?

    These are the end days, my friends. Mark my words; End of Days!

  6. Question: What effect, if any, will this have on new car prices after we get out of this Coronavirus shitstorm?

  7. US automakers either dragging their feet or wanting inflated prices for ventilators will come to regret their short-sightedness.

  8. The company that builds Mercedes cars is called Daimler. Just saying.

  9. Trump is using citizens of democratic states as pawns in a power play against governors.

    “[Be nice to my precious image or else your citizens will die from lack of vitally needed equipment which I control.]”

    He is threatening our medical friends’ lives.


    Extortion, ransom, blackmail.

  10. In order to inject plastic into a tool, you need water passages, lifters, slides, etc all controlled hydraulically. Tolerance on the tooling has to be tight to ensure proper fit when bringing the two sides together, any slop and boom boat anchor. Tonnage is dependent in part size material and other variables. You could prototype with aluminum but your cycle life would be short lived and the setup time is still long lead.

    3D printers are great tool but largely cost prohibitive. The economy is in scale. Resin bought by the ton, press that can run hours on end. I know in crisis we tend to discount economics but as my Econ friend tells me there are laws in economics that are as undeniable as physics laws.

  11. 3-D printing is not ideal for large numbers of parts. It takes a few hours to print something the size out a baseball.

  12. Who will make techincals for the thrid world now?

  13. And they’ll last for the next 50 years.

  14. Where the fuck are they the whole time? Where!

    It’s like they sitting in bunkers and getting last month news. Wtf

  15. What automakers aren’t doing anything to help those suffering? Seems like all are at least willing to help; I’d be surprised and disappointed if there are any sitting on their hands right now.

  16. Let’s say that a ventilator have 10 parts. That parts must be designed individually and then put together.

    A 3d print maybe could reduce the amount of part to 5, less parts, less material, less time, all of them means less money.

  17. Stop them! We need scientific tests and studies to make sure that these 3D printers and any changes to ventilator designs/materials will be effective.

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