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Transgender woman represents Pakistan at UN. Becomes the first trans person to represent her country at CEDAW.

Transgender woman represents Pakistan at UN. Becomes the first trans person to represent her country at CEDAW.

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  1. It’s crazy how such a gayhatey country is so translovey, like, damn

  2. Pakistan is quite unique in its way of integrating transgender people in the Muslim world. [https://www.theguardian.com/world/2012/jun/08/pakistan-hijra-transgender-tax-collectors](https://www.theguardian.com/world/2012/jun/08/pakistan-hijra-transgender-tax-collectors)

  3. I’m pro equality for everyone, but this makes an impact on me that I didn’t even think I needed. Think about the way women are treated in places like Pakistan!

    It really makes it clear how life-or-death transitioning is. Imagine the absurdity of *choosing* womanhood in a culture with forced marriages and honor killings.

    This person needed to transition so badly that they stepped into a significantly lower social class. Idk why that hits me so hard…

  4. BREAKING NEWS ! A person represented their country. Ok.

  5. Pakistan isn’t exactly the progressive paragon

  6. well done Pakistan. Good example.

  7. Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but this seems like something to be celebrated personally, and we shouldn’t instill or infer merit based on their gender or orientation. It implies attainment of this position is some how spectacular because of a person’s physical characteristics rather than their policies, opinions, and education.

    I asked a good friend of mine why he doesn’t go to Pride parades/festivals/etc. He said “because my sexual orientation doesn’t define my character, I wish there wasn’t a “culture” about it, a community is all we need” or something to that effect, and it took my by surprise because I realized right there that *I* had assigned his sexual orientation as a character trait, when in reality it doesn’t define him at all.

    I dunno it really changed how I thought. I’m sure this person worked their ass off to get to where they are, and I’m willing to bet they weren’t motivated to get to that position just so they could say “first!”

  8. I can’t help but think how rich and privileged this person must be. You average trans person would be a pariah in that country unless I’m totally mistaken. So good for this person and good for Pakistan. Hopefully it bleeds over into popular culture over there. Is it still illegal to be gay there?

  9. pakistan is really making great progress, i like that

  10. Given the way homosexuality is punished in Pakistan, similarly to Iran, and given how transition is accepted in both cultures, I’m more inclined to believe that this is a homosexual man who transitioned to avoid harsher persecution.

  11. I think Pakistan has the highest consumption of gay porn or something along those lines..

    Edit: or was it production..

  12. That is a Muslim male who is gay and is advoiding being murdered for being gay. Islamic law says there is no homosexuality, so either the gay male needs to become a woman or die.

  13. The only way to be safe as a woman is be a man first. That’s fucked up.

  14. so brave. omg an inspiration. this means so much to the world. what a game changer. just so great. cant stop thinking about how great this truly is. for all of us.not just one group but everyone. really. so great….oh yes…

  15. why should we need to know s/he is a trans ?

  16. When are we going to start treating these people equally? Does every single trans person want their face all over the news for being accepted?

    I mean, if they do, cool, whatever. I’m not hating. But maybe they just want to go on with their lives like everyone else?

    I fucking knew I was going to get downvoted for this. Why? Because reddit votes without understanding.

    All you downvoters are going against giving this person equality. How does that feel? To be against equality?

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