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Trial Drug Successfully Blocks COVID-19 from Entering Cells

Trial Drug Successfully Blocks COVID-19 from Entering Cells

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  1. Hey there!

    There are a few cool things about this drug:

    * it was developed after the SARS epidemic in 2005 and therefore is already in phase II (after comparing SARS and COVID-19 researchers found out that the entry mechanism is the same)
    * the drug is a recombinant ACE2 receptor and therefore somewhat of a “decoy” which prohibits the virus from entry
    * it also has another function which protects from lung failure
    * it is being already tested on patients in Austria, Germany and Denmark

  2. One of the most critical aspects of a drug to help during a pandemic is its ability to rapidly scale production to enable massive numbers of doses. I wasn’t able to find out much about this as I dug through papers on this drug. Does anyone have any ideas about why we might hope this could be successfully scaled to produce (multiple) millions of doses a month within a 2-6 month timeframe?

  3. I see so many stories of promising drugs for this or that (often cancer) that open with big promises and then fade away into the ether – so think I’ll withhold judgement for the time being.

  4. Just waiting for the comments about how this is misleading and is actually a million years away from realistically being used.

    Sigh. I wish a miracle cure would appear somewhere. Like, oh hey guys, if you mix lemon and pepper then drink it…that shit totally kills corona.

  5. Finally, some good fucking ~~food~~ news.

  6. Wait, but how is Canada developing this? I was told that those only countries that charge 10,000$ per pill were capable of researching new medicine and drugs?

  7. So while the US is going, “NO! MINE!!!” Canada is saving the day…


    Oh, and also our tendency to ban this kind of research. Human stem cells….NO!!! No more baby killing!!

  8. Ugh tired of these posts , just let us know when it’s actually available to the public!!

  9. *side effects include* anal leakage, becoming a republican (see previous), exploding eyeballs and spontaneous yodeling.

  10. >>” An international team led by Canadian University of British Columbia researcher Dr. Josef Penninger … ”

    Imagine Trump’s outcry if Trudeau said, “Sorry, we remember you trying to block export of N95 masks to Canada, so you can get fucked if you think we’re sharing this with you.”

    (Not saying I think it should happen, but just imagine…”)

  11. I hope anything will come out fast before the whole economy is collapsing in a domino effect.

  12. Oh sweet another solution!

  13. Side effect of trial drug: your dick flies off and rockets across the room whilst your testicles simultaneously grow large patches of chia-pet like bean sprouts.

  14. I’ve been reading news like this for over a month now we are still in quarantine.cant believe nothing no more ffs

  15. I think this is the talk by one of the main researchers. Fascinating explanation.


  16. Mess with angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE2) at your considerable peril, as it is instrumental in managing blood pressure.

  17. Phase 1 steal underpants
    Phase 2 ?
    Phase 3 profit

  18. Please oh please let it be cbd

  19. America’s reply to this…Nope, can’t have it as the FDA hasn’t approved it.

  20. that’s why I drink fuckton of alcohol, no way that damn virus is getting inside my cells if I’m 90proof!

  21. Not so fast, says American media. Not FDA approved, which takes 2.5 years on average.

    Basically, this drug isnt any further ahead than hydroxychloroquine based on current data, but I bet the press will root for this one because Trump isnt backing it.

  22. I wonder what the paywall’s gonna be like…and what’s gonna happen to them if they do.

  23. Hows the vaccine development?

  24. So why should this drug ever be trusted?

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