Home / news / Trump admin appoints man who suggested dropping nuclear bombs on Afghanistan to senior role in arms control: Recordings show senior official promoted far-right conspiracy theories

Trump admin appoints man who suggested dropping nuclear bombs on Afghanistan to senior role in arms control: Recordings show senior official promoted far-right conspiracy theories

Trump admin appoints man who suggested dropping nuclear bombs on Afghanistan to senior role in arms control: Recordings show senior official promoted far-right conspiracy theories

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  2. I’m reminded of a video from several years ago, in which a US soldier showed photos of the World Trade Center attacks to a group of Afghani villagers and asked them if they knew what it was.

    None of them did. One of them guessed that the photo of New York might be Kabul. Another thought the skyscrapers were tall stones. They didn’t even own televisions (no point in owning a TV, with no electricity nor signal). They had no idea at all why US soldiers were in their country.

  3. >“I think if we were going to have done that, my preference would have been to have dropped a couple of low-yield tactical nuclear weapons over Afghanistan the day after 9/11 to send a definite message to the world that they had screwed up in a big way.”

    No matter what your politics are, this is just low quality thinking. Do they not know what the consequences of this action would have been? Why would anyone want this guy in a ‘senior role in arms control’

  4. I’m… Just so tired of this shit.

  5. I know LOTS of republicans who suggested doing that. Some didn’t even suggest but straight up said we should. it’s like they have no understanding for human life or consequences for such actions yet they’re all pro-life/anti-abortion?

  6. Keep appointing people like this and something bad is going to happen. The only thing I’m sure of is their response when the inevitable happens; “Nobody could have predicted.”

    It’s like a private school exclusively for quiet boys who torture animals and stockpile guns — what could go wrong?

  7. It’s like this is just one more totally outrageous and idiotic in a whole strong of totally outrageous and idiotic things that the Trump administration has done.

    I imagine that whoever the next non-Trump President is will have a much easier time because wearing a tan suit does not compare in the least with the shit that Trump has done. And will do.

    People have been so bombarded with his bad behavior that a President who is sane and hard-working will receive much fewer nit-picky criticisms in future.

  8. If we ever get out of this situation, it’s going to take a long as shit time to truly understand the damage that has been done.

  9. Imagine Trump appointing Alex Jones as head of the CIA, this is how bad it is.

  10. And the world just keeps getting scarier and scarier.

  11. Wish ppl would stop saying they’d like to nuke this or that…

    In this age, if there’s even a sniff of nuclear rocket fuel, the world is going to end within minutes.

    It’s not a fucking joke. We’re on the brink of devastation already. We don’t need any of this bullshit.

    It’s not like we’re back in the 40’s and nobody had their hands on nuclear bombs…. these days, everyone has not hundreds, but thousands.

    Let’s all just fucking stop even thinking about it as if it’s a weapon we EVER want to use again.

  12. Just another of trump’s foxes watching the hen house.

  13. Looks like the monkey is gearing up to press the button. Thanks (R)’s, this will be on you.

  14. Vote wisely. A megalomaniac psychopath can do a lot of damage when given powers and 4 years is a lot of time.

  15. Imagine a giant cockroach, with unlimited strength, a massive inferiority complex, and a real short temper, is tear-assing around Manhattan island in a brand new Edgar suit. That sound like fun?

  16. I wonder what this moron will go to jail for.

  17. When good people don’t care or vote we get people like trump.

  18. Trump supporters: “don’t call us nazis you nazi”

    Also trump supporters: *continues to support man who appoints nazi’s*

  19. Question, why does anyone invite trump to meetings or even allow him to speak? He’s our second biggest national disgrace behind the Republican party.

  20. No one with a modicum of intelligence wants to be a member of this administration. All he can find are idiots.

  21. Just another reason to VOTE in 2020

  22. Like, John Bolton was a heavy ‘war’ guy, and he was even like “sir, Jesus Christ we’re going to die.” I can only see how close this guy gets to killing us as well, and what would be the turning point to have him say “no way”

    [Don’t kill us please!](https://youtu.be/hzOFnPLMMH8)

  23. Well I assumed we would’ve already launched a few or had someone launch some from a tweet Trump said.
    The second I remembered Kim Jong Un existed and that Trump was president I was like “oh no…oh no.”

  24. Is Alex Jones gonna get called up next?! Wtf is going on

  25. Genuine question, is it generally accepted that dropping the atomic bombs in Japan was the right decision becuase it avoided a much bigger war?

    And if so, would it ever be right again?

  26. The dumber and more blustery, the better it seems.

  27. This administration is full of batshit crazy people.

  28. Further evidence that the Administration’s objective is quite simply the destruction of good governance.

  29. Oh for fuck’s sake. Can someone point me to whatever dial or knob or toggle that set our reality to ‘absurdist fascist kakistocracy’?

  30. Who said you need to be smart to be in power?

  31. Add another one of those “best people” to the list.

  32. what comes after scraping the bottom of the barrel…

  33. No nation needs to drop nuclear weapons ever again

  34. Another conspiratard that Donnie Moscow loves because its the same retarded bullshit he spews.

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