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Trump and Biden … Hostility in a failed debate

Political analyst Muhammad Al-Minshawi said that the debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was “horrific”, considering it a bad day for American democracy.

Al-Minshawi added – in an interview to the episode (9/30/2020) of the “Beyond the News” program – that what the presidential debate witnessed was insulting to the position of the American president and to the liberal values ​​advocated by the United States, especially since hundreds of millions followed the debate around the world.

Al-Minshawi stressed that Trump did not win the debate, nor did Biden escape it, considering that the only winner is the interlocutor Chris Wallace.

The exchange of accusations and personal attacks clouded the debate between the Republican and Democratic candidates in the first debate in the US presidential election. Donald Trump said that if the Democrats were in power, a million Americans would have died because of Corona, and described the administration of the “Obama Care” health care program as a disaster, stressing the availability of all equipment to confront Corona.

For his part, Biden accused his rival Trump of having no plan to deal with the Corona pandemic and that he had hidden its danger from the Americans.

Regarding the measures he took to address the outbreak of the Corona virus, Trump said, “Biden does not know the numbers of deaths due to the virus in China, Russia and India.” And he added, “What I did is close the borders, while Biden accused me of racism and xenophobia.”

Joe Biden criticized Trump’s handling of the anti-racism protests in the United States after the killing of George Floyd, and Trump responded that division and hatred were great during the rule of Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

For his part, David Bolger, a strategic analyst in the Democratic Party, an expert in media affairs, said that the debate showed a low model of discussion and communication between the candidates.

Bulger said Trump was “bullying” Biden, who tried to address all Americans to get their votes. He added that the American people saw their president – who has ruled him for more than 3 years – who was hostile and did not answer the questions of the interlocutor.

For his part, the political affairs correspondent for the National Review, John Vand, described President Trump’s performance in the debate as “rude and rude,” stressing that Biden, on the other hand, described Trump as a liar, racist and clown, and therefore there was no winner in the debate.

Vand criticized the director of the debate, noting that his questions were long, and that he was more than interrupting the speakers. He called for presenting a new vision for the presidential debates in the upcoming elections, avoiding what happened during the debate between Trump and Biden.

Vand considered that Trump should improve his performance in the next two debates, especially with his decline in opinion polls, in light of the absence of signs of weakness, fatigue, or old age on Biden during the debate, as Trump prefers to refer to that always.

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