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Trump and Biden … The presidential debate arrives on communication platforms

The “Debates 2020” hashtag topped the lists of the most popular worldwide, after the first presidential debate between the Democratic candidate for the US presidential elections, Joe Biden and President Donald Trump, and the tag witnessed more intense controversy than the debate.

The eighth newsletter-Nashratkom (9/30/2020) monitored the division of the tweeters between those who described President Trump’s performance as childish and unprofessional, and accused him of lying and falsifying facts, and others who said that he was the strongest in the debate, describing the performance of the Democratic candidate Biden as weak.

The first debate was chaotic, with heated debates over several issues. The most prominent of which was the US President’s handling of the Corona pandemic, ethnic protests, his tax record, and his nomination as a judge to succeed the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the Supreme Court, and also witnessed the exchange of accusations between Biden and Trump of insufficient support for the US military.

The American interactions with the presidential debate were in the millions, as Diane Lisa considered the debate a ridiculous offer from Trump, saying: “We are so used to the ridiculous offers like Trump’s ones, to the point that a performance like Biden’s performance looks (bad) or (without energy). No, Joe is not. My first choice, but he speaks the way a presidential candidate should, let’s raise our standards. “

As for Lorena Garcia, she considered the debate a waste of time, and tweeted, “The debate last night was a waste of time. We know that Donald Trump is unable to debate with a civilization, what is the purpose of continuing with that? I really ask.”

On the other hand, Republican media, Larry Elder, who criticized the Democratic candidate’s language, tweeted, saying, “Imagine if John McCain or Mitt Romney had described President Barack Obama as a clown, and asked him to shut up during one of the debates, they would have declared a state of emergency and summoned the 82nd Brigade from Air Force”.

While journalist Molly Hemingway believes that Trump has missed an opportunity to present his successes, writing, “Trump missed opportunities to explain his successes, whether in regulatory reform, killing villains, border control or peace deals, Biden has not made any positive arguments for himself. We understand, the orange man is bad, but what?” About you? Candidates must be given the opportunity to debate.

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