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Trump and his lawyers are leading America down a dark road

The Wall Street Journal editorial board strongly criticized President Donald Trump’s continued allegations of election fraud, noting that he has dealt so far with an open mind with these allegations, and warned that continuing with them will have dire consequences for America and the Republican Party.

Council said in Editorial to the newspaper The county owned by Rupert Murdoch, after the results of the state of Georgia were recounted and confirmed Trump’s loss, that Republicans gave Trump ample room to prove his case on charges of vote rigging, but neither he nor his lawyers presented evidence other than the general hint.

The newspaper went on to say in its editorial that the president’s accusations of stealing the elections will undermine the public’s confidence in the electoral system, and it will not serve America, his party or his supporters, who will be alienated from politics and give up the elections in favor of the left. The year is 2024.

Arbitrary accusations

She noted that the recount and vetting processes continue in Wisconsin and Michigan, but that deadlines for approval of results are coming quickly, and voters must be selected by December 8.

The newspaper criticized Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, who said that he and his team are using baseless conspiracy theories and arbitrary accusations rejected by even the judges appointed by Republican presidents, describing the work of Giuliani’s team as an outlaw politician, calling on Trump to present strong evidence to the courts by practicing and serious lawyers , If he owns it.

And I wondered where Trump and Giuliani were leading the country? She replied that Trump might want to test whether Republican legislatures in Michigan, Georgia or Pennsylvania would directly name Trump voters, nullifying these states’ votes in favor of Biden, describing it as a “dark road.”

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