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Trump cancels Denmark meeting over Greenland rejection

Trump cancels Denmark assembly over Greenland rejection

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  1. “Donald Trump cancelled the meeting with Denmark after their refusal to sell him Greenland.”

    Goddamn that almost sounds like a line out of Monty Python.

  2. >Hey Steve, can I fuck your wife?

    >W-what? No. Jesus, no. Why would you think I’d ever agree to that?


  3. I’m surprised it wasn’t bigger news this weekend that when Trump’s chief economic advisor had to go on Fox News Sunday to defend the trade war and purchasing Greenland, [he had to get straight shitfaced drunk](https://twitter.com/FoxNewsSunday/status/1163084414223601664) to manage it.

    It was 9AM.

  4. >“I don’t know anyone who would be comfortable with someone who behaves this way having his finger on the button. I mean, we’re liable to wake up one morning and Donald, if he were president, would have nuked Denmark. That’s not the temperament of a leader to keep this country safe.”

    Ted Cruz – February 3, 2016

  5. Has this gotten dumb enough yet?

  6. Is he mentally handicapped? Honest question

  7. So he is genuinely upset that Denmark won’t sell their property?

    Is there nothing else more important going on in the world right now?

  8. Ah gud, this is some trashy behavior.

    Makes a ridiculous request, everyone thinks he’s joking.

    His aides thinks he is joking.

    His advisor thinks he is joking.

    The whole world thought he was joking.

    Turns out he was just retarded and is now throwing a temper tantrum.

  9. From the beginning I have been surprised by nothing from this man. I wasn’t even shocked like everyone else that he won. But did this guy just really try to buy a fucking country and throw a temper tantrum when he was told no? Everything else makes sense to me, the racism, the sexual assaults, the cartoonish idiocy, even the kiddie koncentration kamps make sense to me. This, though, I have to admit– this one got me.

  10. He canceled a meeting because they won’t sell him part of their country?

    The phrase ‘jumping the shark’ just become obsolete. It’s now ‘buying Greenland’.

  11. Americans, please vote this dumbass out of office.

  12. This is truly the stupidest timeline.

  13. So Trump is cancelling a trip to one of our allies because he, for whatever reason, made an unsolicited offer to buy one of their territories and got turned down for it.

    We are living in the dumbest timeline. I seriously can’t wrap my mind around just how stupid people have to be to support this clown.

  14. He isn’t welcome in Europe.

    Go to North Korea. You have friends there.

  15. The only reason to buy Greenland is that climate change will make the natural resources contained under the ice obtainable in the future….Wait, Isn’t Trump’s position about climate change that it’s a hoax???

  16. He specifically cited Denmark’s prime minister’s comments, who said that they weren’t selling Greenland. The problem is that Denmark’s prime minister happens to be a woman. He just can’t handle a woman telling him “no.”

  17. Is this timeline being directed by Mel Brooks?

  18. Trump continuing to demonstrate that he is not even mentally fit to hold the office of the President.

  19. I think this is my favourite Trump story ever – in fact this is probably the dumbest funniest shit I have ever heard. Next I expect him to ask the military to prepare invasion plans on some bullshit pretext.

  20. Danes let out collective sigh of relief.

  21. *man baby refuses to see an adult over refusing to give him candy

  22. There was already people in parliament in Denmark talking about uninviting him. We probably wouldn’t have, but I’m completely fine with this outcome. Either would make him look like a complete fool.

    His whole precidency is a farce and he deserves nothing but ridicule.

  23. Trump is a fucking disgrace

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