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Trump considering suspending funding to WHO

Trump considering suspending funding to WHO

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  1. Legitimate question: why does it seem like so much spending seems to be at the whim of the presidency? I feel like I see a lot of “trump threatens to defund NATO” or “Trump considers halting aid to Uganda” headlines or whatever. Doesnt Congress control the budget and spending? Do they explicitly pass these budgets with certain programs under executive discretionary spending or something?

  2. Pete Townshend will be disappointed

  3. The only card Trump knows how to play is “don’t pay them, and hope they’re already in deep enough that they’ll do what you want so they get paid”

    He’s done it since he was dealing with New York contractors. He threatens it constantly. Even the Ukraine scandal was “don’t deliver until they give us more than we had agreed to.”

  4. I saw this post trying to explain this shit in the most simple way possible: “Think about it like this: A hungry tiger escapes from a zoo. You know the tiger is headed for your town, but instead of putting up a barrier, putting out guards with guns to protect the town, you say “No, there is not a tiger headed towards us.” And then the tiger is in your town, eating people for lunch with a side of jalapeno poppers. So yea, the zoo messed up, but the town could have done a better job preparing for the tiger.”

  5. Cut funding to the WHO, wouldn’t that make it even more indebted to China? Is the US going to setup a parallel international health organization with major funding contributions? Because if not, then when the next virus hits, the WHO that most countries still rely on will be answering solely to Chinese interest.

    By the way, if you think WHO is controlled by China while the US has been providing majority funding, wouldn’t it just show the US… you know… really suck at business investment and international diplomacy?

  6. > “They missed the call. They could have called it months earlier. They would have known, and they should have known, and they probably did know,” Trump told reporters at a White House press briefing, suggesting the WHO failed to sufficiently warn the global community about the virus.

    > “We’re going to be looking into that very carefully, and we’re going to put a hold on money spent to the WHO,” Trump continued. “We’re going to put a very powerful hold on it, and we’re going to see. It’s a great thing if it works, but when they call every shot wrong, that’s not good.”

    As a reminder: The WHO warned the world that the global risk from SARS-CoV-2 was high on January 23rd. The WHO declared a global health emergency on January 30th.

    Trump on the other hand tried to minimize the threat of the new coronavirus for weeks in statement after statement well into March. Just a few weeks ago, he still accused the WHO of exaggerating the threat:


    6 days after the WHO declared it a pandemic, on March 17th, Trump changed course and claimed “I felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic.”

  7. >They missed the call. They could have called it months earlier. They would have known, and they should have known, and they probably did know

    Coming from the man who said “this is their new hoax” (their being democrats)* that looks like nothing more than blame deferment. Sure, they declared it as a pandemic too late, but you also fired everyone who told you it would be.

    Get the fuck out of office. As of right now there are 12813 deaths domestically. If you’d done more than point fingers, shout fake news, and stir the shitpot this wouldn’t be our reality.

    * edited with verbatim quote thanks to /u/thebestathiest

  8. Fuck him.

    1700 Americans died today gasping for their last breaths surrounded by strangers. Trump did this by acting too little and too late calling this a hoax and rejecting testing. Don’t let him pass the buck or distract. This is on his head.

  9. Weren’t we all just ragging on WHO last week for not recognizing Taiwan as a separate country in need of assistance during the pandemic?

    EDIT: I feel like a lot of people are interpreting my comment as though I’m pro-Trump here, which isn’t the case. I just felt like pointing out how people seemed to be forgetting about WHO’s fuckups in the last week now that this is happening.

  10. I really have no trust in your President. I’m not even sure how he functions. However. Am I the only one who remembers the WHO stating “no need to have travel bans”, “no need to close borders” and “China has it under control”? To only say recently they “are deeply concerned”, and “governments/countries aren’t doing enough”. As far as I’m concerned, we (the entire world) should not be here. This should have been locked down from the beginning. They didn’t do their job – plain and simple.

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