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Trump gifts to Israel and Netanyahu continue

The New York Times said that US President Donald Trump presented another gift to Israel, Washington’s ally in the Middle East, to be added to a “long list” of his gifts to her, through his administration’s recent decision to allow Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard to travel to Tel Aviv.

The Hebrew “Kan” channel had reported earlier that Pollard – who was released 5 years ago – will be able to travel and return to Israel, as of Friday.

The channel reported that Pollard, who spent 30 years in US prisons, is accused of spying on the United States and exploiting his position as a civilian intelligence analyst in the US Navy, to leak information for the benefit of Israel.

The New York Times said that this new “gift” for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government is in addition to other gifts that the US President gave Israel during his four years in the White House.

The first of these gifts – according to the newspaper – was President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the transfer of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to it, after he kept the Palestinians’ hopes for reaching a “final deal” to bring peace – as he claimed – suspended.

There were also “provocative situations” from the Trump administration, the last of which was when Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issued a decision last month that would change the rules for passports and allow Americans born in Jerusalem to include “Israel” instead of Jerusalem, as a place of birth in their passports.

The newspaper said that the last chapter of Trump’s support for Netanyahu was lifting restrictions on Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard (Reuters)

Support Netanyahu

The second gift – according to the newspaper – was the Trump administration’s support for the Netanyahu government after the decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, as it responded to the Palestinian Authority’s “boycott” of the White House, with a set of punitive measures.

Washington cut off its funding to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), which provides assistance to Palestinian refugees throughout the Middle East.

It has also stopped all other aid to the Palestinians, including $ 200 million it provides to support the Palestinian Authority through the US Agency for International Development, about $ 60 million to the Palestinian security forces, $ 25 million to support hospitals in East Jerusalem, and $ 10 million to support “Israeli-Palestinian coexistence efforts.” .

The US State Department also ordered the closure of the diplomatic mission of the Palestine Liberation Organization in Washington, and a month later canceled the US consulate in Jerusalem – which was supervising relations with the Palestinians – and these operations were added to the new embassy.

As for the third gift – according to the New York Times – it was the Trump administration’s “public” support for the idea of ​​Israel annexing the West Bank lands, which Netanyahu made the “focus” of his re-election campaigns.

The last chapter of this support was that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo just days ago visited a Jewish settlement near Ramallah, becoming the first US Secretary of State to take such a step.

The newspaper said that the Trump administration helped Netanyahu in “isolating” Iran (Reuters)

Isolate Iran

As for the fourth gift, the newspaper says that it was President Trump’s administration to “isolate Iran” by considering the Iranian nuclear deal “extremely lenient” – as Netanyahu has repeatedly emphasized – and its withdrawal from it in March 2018.

The US Secretary of State also formulated a strategy of “maximum pressure” against Tehran through severe economic sanctions, and placed 12 demands before Iranian leaders that “could very well have been formulated by Mr. Netanyahu,” according to the newspaper.

With the encouragement of the Trump administration, Israel also launched – as part of its efforts to repel the expansionist moves of Tehran in the region – a campaign of air strikes against Iranian forces and their proxies in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq. Washington also mobilized the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and other Gulf countries, within the framework of a “common vision” against Iran.

The New York Times concludes that the other gift that Trump offered Israel and its Prime Minister Netanyahu was absolute support on the international stage, as the US administration has repeatedly stood by Tel Aviv in its diplomatic battles, as happened when Washington withdrew from the United Nations Human Rights Council in protest against his repeated criticism. For Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians.

The two countries also attacked the International Criminal Court, for its consideration of possible crimes committed by US forces in Afghanistan, and Israel in its dealings with the Palestinians, and Washington announced the imposition of sanctions on two of its officials.

In the same context, the Trump administration has increasingly equated anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism inside and outside the United States, and accordingly Pompeo announced this week that the “boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement” – known for short as the BDS movement – It will be considered anti-Semitic, and from now on you will not be able to get the support of the federal government.

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