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Trump has sought to exploit the authority of the Department of Justice to title the election results in Georgia

The New York Times reported, citing 4 unnamed former Donald Trump administration officials, that the former US president had sought help from the chief of the civilian department in the Justice Department, Jeffrey Clark, to draw up a plan to fire Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, and to use the department’s authority to force Georgia state legislators To overturn the outcome of the state’s presidential election, which ended in favor of his rival, Joe Biden.

The newspaper pointed out that Clark worked to question the election results, support the issues raised by Trump regarding the results of the vote, and put pressure on officials in Georgia.

She also said that Trump had considered dismissing Rosen and appointing Clark in his place, but the threats of a number of senior Justice Department employees to resign if Rosen was ousted contributed to dissuading him from that.

For his part, Clark said that these allegations contain inaccurate details, and that he did not go into detail, and former President Donald Trump and a spokesman for the Ministry of Justice, in addition to Rosen, refused to comment on them, according to the newspaper.

Despite the ratification by all states of the results of the presidential elections, before their subsequent approval by the Electoral College and then the Senate, and despite losing all the lawsuits that he brought before the courts, the Republican candidate remained attached to the idea of ​​electoral fraud.

And early this month, the Washington Post website obtained a recording of a call in which Trump asked Georgia State Secretary Brad Ravensburger – who is a Republican official – more than 11,000 votes to bridge the gap between him and Biden, and turned the result in this state that was from Between swing states and saw 5 million voters vote.

American media also reported that he discussed with his assistants the imposition of martial law to reverse the election results, which Biden won by a significant margin, whether at the level of the electoral college or the popular vote.

Tax data
On the other hand, a federal judge issued an interim order that will run until the fifth of next month, requiring the Treasury Department to notify the personal attorneys of former President Donald Trump before submitting any tax data related to him to the House of Representatives.

The order issued after a court session at the request of Trump’s lawyer also obliges the tax department to notify the lawyer of the former president with a written notice 3 days before the release of this data.

Trump’s attorneys expressed concern that the Biden administration would provide Democrats in the House of Representatives with tax returns to their client without notifying the attorneys in advance.

Trump, who owns large hotels and real estate companies, has previously faced tax charges, but has repeatedly denied this.

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