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Trump is the person of the week and the execution of dissidents in Egypt is his most prominent event

Al-Jazeera fans awarded US President Donald Trump the title of “Person of the Week”, while new executions of dissidents in Egypt earned the title “Event of the Week.”

Forty-two percent of Al Jazeera’s fans participating in the “News Race” vote gave their votes to US President Donald Trump after he was infected with the Coronavirus, and his statements that he did not suffer from any symptoms, and praised him for the medications he took despite the doctors’ unanimous agreement that he has not passed the danger stage yet .

French President Emmanuel Macron came second after winning 30% of the public’s vote on the impact of his statement that “Islam is a religion facing a crisis in more than one place in the world,” a statement that sparked a wide wave of controversy and angry reactions in the Arab and Islamic worlds.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was the most vocal in response to Macron, describing his statements as “lack of manners.”

And in third place came American scientists Harvey Alter and Charles Rice and British Michael Hutton with 20% of the public vote, after they received the Nobel Prize for Medicine in recognition of their efforts in discovering the hepatitis C virus (C).

And the Assistant Secretary of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, the Pakistani preacher, Abdul Ghaffar Aziz, came in fourth place with 8% of the votes of the island’s public, after his death last week at the age of 58 after a long struggle with cancer.

Aziz was known for his advocacy and political activities, as he is the deputy emir of the Pakistani Islamic Group, and he is considered one of the most prominent defenders of the Palestinian cause.

Event of the week

As for the most important event of the week, it was the execution of new executions of opponents in Egypt, which won 47%, a very slight advance ahead of the breadth of battles in the Nagorno Karabakh region between Azerbaijan and Armenia, which won 46% of the vote.

In third place, the understandings of the Libyan-Libyan dialogue in the Moroccan city of Bouznika came with 7% of the votes of the Al-Jazeera audience.

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