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Trump is underestimating his impeachment measures and Republican lawmakers support his trial

US President Donald Trump said yesterday, Tuesday, that he is not concerned about the 25th amendment that allows his deputy and members of his administration to remove him from power, after the Democratic-led House of Representatives began discussing legislation to pressure Vice President Mike Pence to implement that amendment.

Trump – who was speaking at a section of the southern border wall with Mexico, a symbol of his strict immigration policy during his presidency – said that the 25th amendment “does not represent the slightest danger” to him.

Meanwhile, the US House of Representatives is voting for the second time on a bill presented by Democrats calling for Pence to activate the 25th amendment to the Constitution, which gives him and most government members the power to remove the president from office, by declaring him ineligible to perform his duties.

In parallel with this path, the House of Representatives will hold – today, Wednesday – a session that will consider another draft resolution presented by 3 Democratic lawmakers, accusing Trump of inciting the rebellion, which allows the start of procedures for his trial in Congress.

It is expected that the text will be adopted easily, as it is supported by a large number of Democrats in the House of Representatives, and this means the opening of a second impeachment measure against the US President.

An invitation to peace and tranquility

Trump called in his speech for “peace and tranquility” in the United States, after he denied responsibility for his supporters storming the Congress headquarters last week, and said that the parliamentary trial aimed at removing him “exposes the United States to great danger” and that it will cause great anger. He also stressed that he does not want any violence.

“It is time for our nation to recover, it is time for peace and quiet,” Trump said during a visit to the city of Alamo in Texas. And he warned – without providing any explanation – that this constitutional text “will return to haunt” President-elect Joe Biden and his administration, and added, “And as it is said: Be careful of what you wish.”

“It is time for our nation to recover, the time has come for peace and quiet,” he added, adopting a tone that completely contradicts the speech he gave to his supporters in Washington on January 6, just before a section of them stormed the Congress headquarters.

Before heading to the Alamo on Tuesday, Trump condemned the isolation measures targeting him, describing them as “completely ridiculous” and causing “tremendous anger” throughout the United States.

Amid the turmoil in the final days of his term, Trump justified his speech to his supporters that day as “completely appropriate”, denouncing at the same time the “catastrophic mistake” of social media that decided to suspend his accounts.

Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, confirmed – on Monday – that the Republicans “are endangering America” ​​by “colluding” with Trump, who accuses him of “inciting a bloody rebellion against America”, against the backdrop of the events of the Capitol building. “We call on the vice president to respond within 24 hours after the adoption,” she said.

The biggest betrayal of the oath

In the same context, Republican lawmakers announced their support for Trump’s trial. The New York Times reported that Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has informed his aides that Trump has committed wrongdoing that warrants a parliamentary impeachment trial.

The newspaper added that McConnell believes that the parliamentary trial procedures will facilitate Trump’s removal from the Republican Party, and that he (McConnell) has expressed to his aides his satisfaction that the Democrats are moving forward with the parliamentary trial procedures.

The newspaper also quoted sources as saying that Republican Minority Leader in the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy asked his colleagues whether he should ask Trump to resign after the events of Congress.

In turn, Republican Representative Liz Cheney, who holds a high position in the leadership of the Republican Party in the US House of Representatives, said yesterday that she will vote to impeach Trump.

In a statement indicating that Trump “summoned this crowd … and fanned the flame of this attack” on the Capitol on January 6, Cheney said, “I will vote to impeach the president.”

The deputy, who is considered the third most senior Republican official in the House of Representatives, added that “this rebellion has caused casualties and deaths and devastation in the sanctities of our republic.” The department and the presidency have what the current president did. “

Unhealthy trial

Republican member of the US House of Representatives, John Katko, in turn confirmed – yesterday – Tuesday – that he will vote to impeach Trump.

For his part, Republican Representative Jim Gordon said that the attempt to isolate Trump is divisive, noting that this “is not healthy for the United States and does not help unite Americans.”

Gordon urged Republican lawmakers to reject Democrats’ attempts to impeach Trump days before the end of his presidential term, adding that there was the last opportunity to object to Biden’s victory in the 6th session of this month.

Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger also said that he would vote in favor of impeaching Trump.

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