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Trump meets with Erdogan as other world leaders scold Turkey

Trump meets with Erdogan as other world leaders scold Turkey

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  1. “Trump walks into traffic as other world leaders avoid oncoming cars.”

  2. NATO alliance members mock Trump.

    “Fine then, cancel my press conference! I’ll go hang out with someone that appreciates me.” -Trump

  3. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.politico.com/news/2019/12/04/trump-erdogan-meet-nato-075188) reduced by 69%. (I’m a bot)
    > President Donald Trump on Wednesday morning participated in an unannounced meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, following months of scrutiny over the administration's posture toward Ankara and controversial shifts in Syria policy.

    > The surprise session between the American and Turkish presidents is likely to draw attention from other world leaders who are in London this week to attend the western military alliance's annual meeting.

    > During a testy exchange with Trump on Tuesday, French President Emmanuel Macron rebuked U.S. diplomacy in the region and denounced the Turkish invasion.

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  4. Trump loves his dictators, regardless of how much they play him like a fiddle.

  5. Erdogan’s fake coup is the model that the Republicans plan to use to seize power when Trump is impeached.

  6. Trump gravities towards the worst people Putin, North Korea, Turkey, Saudi Arabia…birds of a feather. He hates our allies, the countries that we’ve fought world wars with, came to our side after 911 and long standing relationships with, he purposely wreaks those. Trump has never had a true friend in his life and it shows in his behavior.

  7. They are both not mentally well so who is surprised at this.

  8. Put them both in bag and hit it with a stick. You will always hit someone who deserved it.

  9. Hopefully Erdogan doesn’t laugh at him too..

  10. It’s because authoritarian dictators are the only people who don’t *openly* mock him…

  11. Hopefully they’re both living in exile next year.

  12. As a UK citizen theres one question that keeps coming to mind… if this bumblimg twat has “definitely committed enough shit to get impeached”
    Why the fuck is he still in power, still going through policies. Why dont you lot just say “fuck off” and get Obama back.

  13. It’s like those two kids in elementary school nobody liked so they opened up an outsider club.

  14. Need to find the one person in the room not laughing at you (to your face)

  15. Gonna make my own NATO … with blackjack and hookers

  16. Not to mention he’s basically a laughingstock to everybody else and the fascist was probably the only one who would take his call.

  17. Turkey has the 4th largest military and is a member of NATO. They are strategically very important to keeping the balance of power vis a vis China and Russia. There is a very powerful realist argument for why he is maintaining relations with Turkey.

  18. On the one hand I do think its important for us to talk to Turkey rather than just condemn them. On the other hand, the reason they are being condemned is because of Trump, and Trump has a terrible track record with things like this.

  19. Diplomatic relations with Turkey are actually extremely important. The Bosporus and Dardanelles are of tremendous geopolitical significance, and while Erdoğan is a bad leader, that doesn’t mean we should just tell them to go work with Putin.

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