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Trump Named ‘Worst President for Our Environment in History’ by Nine Green Groups

Trump Named ‘Worst President for Our Environment in History’ by Nine Green Groups

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  1. ‘Nine Green Groups’, I’m sure Trump and his supporters will see that as a badge of honor.

  2. Worst POTUS maybe… but not the worst president for the environment in the entire world. There [is this guy in Brazil](https://www.google.com/amp/s/theconversation.com/amp/the-amazon-is-burning-4-essential-reads-on-brazils-vanishing-rainforest-122288), for instance, who’s been assisting in the mass burning off of the Amazon rain forest.

    Man, the world is awful right now.

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  4. What about the presidents that resided over all the nuclear tests in the 50s-70s? The entire earths atmosphere is still irradiated, hundreds of square miles of islands and oceans are still uninhabitable to humans? Oil, gas and coal use was massively encouraged back then too, with the reduction of public transport and increase in consumerism and production of waste.
    Sure, Trumps been terrible for the environment at a crucial time in our history, but this sort of hyperbole is just making these groups look like political reactionaries.

  5. ‘Nine green groups’ sounds like a very credible source

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  7. I dunno guys. Id say any of the handful of presidents responsible for nuclear testing during the cold war would blow trump out of the water for environmental destruction. They were filling the plantet with radiation, carbon dioxide, way safer. Seems like these environment groups have cold milk in their bottles.

  8. Trumo was also named “Worst President for everyone” by this guy on reddit

  9. That’s funny he was named “worst president or even person ever in history” by the two people in my house yesterday.

  10. Can someone tell me how to turn off these “headlines” that people of Reddit like to jerk off to?

  11. ‘Nine green groups’… Lol who gives a fuck.

  12. Really, worse than Presidents 100 years ago that did way more damage before people cared about the environment?

    This blind hatred for Trump is outrageous lol

  13. Worst in history? Man people are mad, does nobody remember that you couldn’t see city skylines back in the day because of smog? Someone let it get to that point before they decided to do something about it.

  14. Thankfully, these communists don’t dictate policy.

  15. Look, Trump is a dumbass, selfish, loser who is the worst president of modern times but this headline is ridiculous. There is a long line of administrations who allowed big companies in the 20s to the 80s dump anything anywhere. Trump is attacking environmental regs but his overall contribution to the decline of the planet is miniscule compared to many others.

  16. This post has more upvotes than the Bangkok massacre that happened a few hours ago, it’s nice to know where I can get my news from….

  17. Since “Green groups” are almost never only focused on the enironment, but are generally politically alligned and occupied with non-environmental issues, this really isn’t anything noteworthy.

  18. At this point I would like to remind people that, like it or not, you have a state government. Now would be the time to put pressure on your local authorities to place protections you think necessary, instead of sitting back and hoping the federal government will solve everything.

    Especially with the DNC going full on 2016 on Bernie’s ass once again.

  19. And yet China as and India cause most of the worlds greenhouse gasses

  20. Lol do you really think he gives a shit

  21. Yeah just ignore the presidents that dropped nukes or were president that was in charge during the industrial revolution

  22. Not that I 100% support him or really know anything he has done but watch him become one of the greatest Presidents we have had after 10 years.

  23. Ok, but let’s get the opinion of the other color groups. Just to be fair.

  24. Since when? I’m pretty sure Bush or Reagan weren’t so strong on environment too

  25. So those who issued in the Industrial Age don’t count?

  26. As a British person looking from the outside in, yes Trump is a caricature like most politicians (look at our prime minister for another example), and says some dumb shit but it seems like people are jumping on the bandwagon of celebrities and rich people. It seems suspicious, why are rich celebrities and common folk so against him, you would think that the rich and poor would be on opposite sides.?

    Serious question, we always hear the bad stuff but is there actually anything good that he’s done or doing? What’s the chances of him being re-elected?

  27. How is Trumps environmental policy worse than that of presidents who didn’t even have one? You can argue that Trump’s environmental policy is the worst out of all modern presidents but *all* presidents come the fuck on. It wasn’t until the 20th century that presidents actually started giving a shit about the enviroment. I mean, just look at the massive amount of deforestation that occurred in the first two centuries of the US. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deforestation_in_the_United_States

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