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Trump or Biden? .. Will America’s policy towards Israel change?

The episode (10/23/2020) of “From Washington” discussed many issues, coinciding with the approach of the American presidential elections, including American foreign policy, especially with regard to Israel.

The episode also discussed the impact of the Corona pandemic on the US economy, and the Republicans who do not support President Donald Trump.

Although foreign policy is among the prerogatives of the White House, which Trump has repeatedly confirmed, as happened in the file of removing Sudan from the list of countries supporting terrorism, and forcing Khartoum to normalize relations with Israel, the US Constitution also entitles the Senate to powers in this field.

If the president has broad powers, such as concluding treaties with international parties, the Senate has the power to ratify or reject them.

While Republicans have a slight majority in the current assembly, 35 of its current members are running for renewal on November 3. Hence, Republicans hope to retain a majority in the next House, while Democrats hope to shift the tide in their favor.

And about US-Israeli relations in the event of the election of the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, former President of the Republican Party in Michigan Sol Anouzis said that the matter will be very complicated, indicating that Trump has taken what he described as courageous measures in favor of Israel, including recognition of Jerusalem as its capital, and the payment of Arab countries such as the Emirates And Bahrain and Sudan to normalization with Israel.

Anouzis added that Biden’s change of these policies will complicate relations with Israel, pointing out that Biden will return these relations to what they were in the era of former President Barack Obama.

On the other hand, Democratic Party member Naseer Al-Omari said that Trump’s foreign policy with regard to relations with Israel serves his electoral base, most of which belongs to conservatives, right-wing and evangelicals, who see support for Israel as a victory for America.

Al-Omari indicated that the normalization of some Arab countries with Israel is not related to the peace process, the achievement of the two-state solution, or the suffering of the Palestinian people.

Al-Omari described President Trump as an unorthodox Republican, explaining that he had turned against the principles of the Republican Party regarding the Palestinian cause.

For his part, political analyst and head of the National Interest Foundation Khaled Saffouri said that if Trump won the presidency again and the Republicans retained the majority in the Senate, the US administration would continue its “more offensive” approach towards achieving the Republicans ’aspirations that they tried to achieve nearly 50 years ago.

Saffouri explained that many Republicans, although they are not convinced of Trump’s eligibility for the presidency, believe that he has achieved gains that no president has achieved before in matters. several These include reducing taxes, eliminating many economic obstacles, appointing 3 members to the Supreme Court, and others.

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