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Trump pardons Blagojevich

Trump pardons Blagojevich

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  1. Are you fucking kidding me?

  2. >But aides say Trump feels newly emboldened after the Senate acquittal,

    Well yeah, why not. He has realized that it’s pretty easy to flip the US presidency into a pseudo dictatorship. What’s gonna stop him? “Checks and Balances”? LOL!

  3. Dude is freeing criminals to make up a criminal politician army of evil wrapped in faux christianity to bring about the end of times a la revelations.

    Worthless grifter with too much money.

    Trump aint worth the blood and bone he was printed on.

  4. With such a varied list of criminals, it sounds like Trump is putting together some sort of Oceans 11 type heist.

    First you got Mike Milken, people call him the junk bond king. Then there’s Blagojevich, he’s Mr Nice Guy, we used to do jobs together, way back. Finally there’s Little Eddie DeBartolo, he used to run the 69ers back in the day, he knows how to keep his mouth shut.

  5. What do you think he’ll do once he leaves office?

  6. He commuted his sentence, not pardoned it. The former implies he’s still guilty but served his time, the latter that he shouldn’t have been found guilty to begin with.

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