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Trump pressed to file a lawsuit with the Supreme Court to invalidate the presidential election results

The Wall Street Journal, citing well-informed sources, reported that former US President Donald Trump pressed during the last weeks of his term on the Justice Department. To file a case before the Supreme Court with the aim of nullifying the results of the presidential elections.

The newspaper said in an article published on its website yesterday that Acting Justice Minister Geoffrey Rosen refused to do so.

She added that Trump moved to replace Rosen with another official; But Justice Ministry officials threatened to submit collective resignations if Rosen was ousted.

She added that Jeffrey Rosen, former Attorney General William Barr, and another high-ranking official refused to file the lawsuit before the Supreme Court, and concluded that there is no basis for challenging the election results, and that the federal government has no jurisdiction over any of Donald Trump or Joe Biden to win the elections.

A former Trump administration official told the newspaper that the president wanted to file a lawsuit directly before the Supreme Court against one or more states in which he claims the results were falsified, describing the pressure exerted as severe.

The Wall Street Journal also quoted its sources as saying that two senior White House officials refused to file a case with the Supreme Court to invalidate the election results.

It is noteworthy that Barr resigned in mid-December, while Trump was insisting on continuing his fight to change the results of the November 3 elections in his favor.

On Friday, The New York Times quoted 4 former Trump administration officials who were not named that the former US president had sought help from the head of the civilian department in the Department of Justice, Jeffrey Clark, in drawing up a plan to expel the acting attorney general, Jeffrey Rosen. And abusing the authority of the ministry to force Georgia state legislators to overturn the results of the presidential elections that took place in the state and ended in favor of his rival, Joe Biden.

The newspaper pointed out that Clark worked to question the election results, support the issues raised by the president regarding the results of the vote, and put pressure on officials in Georgia.

It also said that Trump had considered firing Rosen and appointing Clark in his place. However, the threats of a number of senior officials of the Ministry of Justice to resign prevented the ouster of Rosen and contributed to dissuading him from that, and this is the same information that was mentioned in the Wall Street Journal report.

Although all states ratified the results of the presidential elections, before they were later approved by the Electoral College and then the Senate, and despite losing all the lawsuits that he brought before the courts, the Republican candidate continued to claim that the elections were rigged and did not publicly acknowledge his defeat.

And early this month, the Washington Post website obtained a recording of a call in which Trump asked Georgia State Secretary Brad Ravensburger – who is a Republican official – more than 11,000 votes to bridge the gap between him and Biden, and turn the result in this The state, one of several swing states, saw 5 million voters vote.

American media also reported that he and his aides discussed the imposition of martial law. To reverse the election results, which Biden won by a significant margin, whether at the electoral college level or the popular vote.

But Trump denied that he discussed with his aides the possibility of using the US military in its battle to nullify the results.

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