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Trump Says He ‘Barely Knows’ Dana Rohrabacher After Julian Assange Makes Pardon Claim

Trump Says He ‘Barely Knows’ Dana Rohrabacher After Julian Assange Makes Pardon Claim

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  1. That motherfucker barely knows anybody.

  2. Just going to leave this 2017 article noting that Rohrabacher was viewed as such a rich source of information for the KGB that they literally gave him his own code name: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/21/us/politics/dana-rohrabacher-putin-trump-kremlin-under-fire.html

  3. General rule of thumb:

    When Trump claims he couldn’t have done something/distances himself from wrongdoing (often on his behalf) by claiming he “barely knows” someone, it is almost certain he’s done what he’s been accused of, and likely worse.

  4. “Rohrabacher? I barely know her”

  5. Don’t forget this!

    Kevin McCarthy a top ranking House Republican had this say on Rohrabacher and Trump:

    >“There’s two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump,” Kevin McCarthy told his colleagues during a closed-doors Republican meeting. “Swear to God.”

    Corrupt Republicans in congress are fucking over America and this should be obvious to anyone paying attention.

  6. Does anyone need the layout of Trump’s bull shit again?

    – Deny it happened, claim not to know the person
    – Claim the reported issue didn’t happen
    – Claim crime IF it happened was no big deal
    – Acknowledge knowing the person
    – Acknowledge the crime and say so what

  7. Shock fucking horror.

    Coming soon: *”Jared who? Don’t know the guy. One of my daughter’s friends, I think.”*

  8. For President, he sure doesn’t know anyone.

  9. A brief list of people Donald Trump has claimed to not/barely know, in addition to Dana Rohrabacher:

    – Lev Parnas, despite photo, audio, and video evidence to the contrary.

    – Gordon Sondland, despite taking a million dollars from him in exchange for an ambassadorship.

    – Prince Andrew, despite being photographed with him on multiple occasions and previously referring to him as “a lot of fun to be with.”

    – Jeffrey Epstein, despite having previously claimed to have known him for 15 years and calling him a “terrific guy.”

    – George Conway, despite having personally called him and written him to thank him for business advice.

    – George Papadoupolous, despite being photographed with him and calling him an “excellent guy.”

    – Matthew Whitaker, despite saying he was a “great guy” and “I mean, I know Matt Whitaker” (you really can’t make this shit up).

    – Paul Manafort, despite him having been Trump’s campaign chairman for 5 months.

    – Stormy Daniels, despite having paid her a hush money settlement through his former attorney Michael Cohen.

    – Marie Yovanovitch, despite all the evidence that he personally wanted her removed from her position.

    – Greta Thunberg, despite having tweeted at her directly multiple times previously.

    – Anthony “the Mooch” Scaramucci, despite having named him White House Communications Director two weeks earlier.

    – Serge Kovaleski, who some may recognize as the disabled NYT journalist who Trump famously mocked for his disability, despite Kovaleski’s claim that they had been on a first name basis for years and that he had previously interviewed Trump in Trump’s own office.

    – Vladimir Putin, despite such past comments as “I do have a relationship with Putin”, “I got to know Putin very well”, and “Putin got me a present.”

    The man is either lying through his teeth or has a memory like Swiss cheese. My money is on both.

  10. When Trump claims he “doesn’t know” something, he knows everything.

    When Trump claims he “knows everything”, he knows nothing.

  11. Going back to the classics.

  12. When he loses the election, I’m sure he’ll forget what or who America is.

  13. Please, I hope Julian has an ace in the hole and calls his bluff. I don’t think Julian would use this as his defense if he didn’t have anything to back it up. He’s Julian Assange, it’s what he fucking does.

  14. The dude “barely knows” a fuckload of criminals

  15. Is Assange a “Never Trumper” yet?

  16. This tactic has gotten beyond old…

  17. This is literally what the comments in the thread joked he would immediately do. Jfc this is just a sad state of affairs.

  18. Like “Parnas” barely know them? Or Kansas City barely know them?

    Where on the spectrum are we talking about here?

    Please clarify.

  19. …meaning he knows him quite well and what he was up to. Got it.

  20. FYI, Forbes seems to be forcing those of us in California who don’t want them to sell our personal data to do so by email. Really. Hence I’m blacklisting them.

  21. I’m at the point where I legitimately believe Trump doesn’t know these people he’s been around dozens of not hundreds of times in his life.

    Mostly because I believe Trump couldn’t get out of his headspace enough to actually know any other human being. He’s conceivably the single most narcissistic human who’s ever lived. He doesn’t know anybody else, because they’re not Trump, and don’t deserve to be known.

  22. >Rohrabacher was reportedly shortlisted to be Trump’s first Secretary of State before the president chose Rex Tillerson for the role. 

    All. Roads. Lead. To. Russia.

  23. So Trump just confirmed the story then.

  24. I automatically believe the exact opposite of what Trump says.

  25. He barely knows Rod who he just pardoned says Trump but the fucker was on The Apprentice

  26. dana rohrabacher just had to sell his home in my neighborhood. we ran him out. people were driving by and letting him know we think he’s an unfaithful cunt

  27. With this cunt’s loose association with the truth he doesn’t deserve to collect carts in a parking lot, let alone be President. Sort your shit out America.

  28. One of these days, one of his kids is going to say something like “Yea, Dad tried to get <insert country here> to dig up dirt on the Dems” and he’s going to claim to have never met said kid in his life.

  29. Which meant hes probaby not only spoken to her, but paid her as well. Trump might as well just come out and say he knew her, I would be more suspicious of him not knowing her.

  30. This fucking title reads like a “The Onion” article

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