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Trump says it’s ‘fine’ if Russia helps Syria

Trump says it is ‘nice’ if Russia helps Syria

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  1. Since when has America been allies with Russia?

  2. Those 1000 troops standing between Turkey and the Kurds didn’t come home as people believe, they just moved a bit. There are 14000 more troops in the Mid East now than on Jan 1st of this year. He’s not stopping endless war he is simply picking different winners.

  3. Vote him out before he sells out the whole country to Putin.

  4. Don’t adjust your screens…..we have taken over…It’s the outer limits.

  5. “Help I’m stepping into the Twilight Zone,
    place is a madhouse, feels like being alone.”
    Golden Earring.

  6. The United States of America, as a nation, has been compromised by a foreign enemy.

    And everybody is completely fine with it.

    I want off this train, please.

  7. Dumb question:
    If Russian and Turkish forces collide in Syria does that bind the other NATO countries to intervene? What if Russian forces pursue retreating Turks into Turkey?
    NATO is not just the USA; it’s 29 nations (3 nuclear) who’ve all pledged that an attack on one is an attack on them all.
    This is not a game.

  8. Russia has been helping Syria for years… US is the one that literally created the chaos in Syria by training ISIS fighters

  9. What does he think Turkey did during WW2?

  10. Americans: Got any space?

    Canada: Build the wall

    Trump: Mexico will pay for it.

    Mexico: Trump is a chupacabra

  11. Okay the Trump supporters feel we have no business overseas, we get that. America First! What I don’t get is why we need this huge military, with all this great state-of-the-art tech. Why invest all this money in building new aircraft carriers, stealth destroyers, F-35, and new Nuclear Missiles? We’ve got 11 aircraft carriers to the other countries 1. We’ve got bases all over the World. Russia has 1 in Syria. China has none. Who are we preparing to fight? Iran? France? Mexico?

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