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Trump trial .. The Senate receives the indictment and Biden questions the Republican vote to condemn his predecessor

On Monday, the US House of Representatives handed over the indictment facing former President Donald Trump to the Senate for trial on charges of inciting the bloody attack on the Capitol on January 6, setting off the first action in US history aimed at To dismiss a former president.

The nine lawmakers – who were appointed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as “prosecutors” at trial – carried the indictment, and took it in a procession that marched in majestic silence from the House of Representatives to the Senate, penetrating the same corridors decorated with billboards and statues that were invaded by Trump supporters.

The bill – which bears the charge of “inciting disobedience” – was read in front of the Senate, and Trump faces the accusation of negligence for the second time, which is what no other US president has faced.

According to the impeachment rules, the arrival of the indictment to the Senate formally leads to the start of the trial, and despite that, Senate leaders agreed to amend the rules by delaying the actual start of the trial to the week that begins on February 8th.

Democratic Representative Jimmy Ruskin, head of the prosecution team, reads the indictment before the Senate (Reuters)

Threatening the country’s security

Chief Prosecutor Jimmy Ruskin read out the indictment, and said Trump had been implicated in serious crimes and misdemeanors by inciting violence against the United States government.

He added that Trump seriously endangered the security of the United States and its government institutions, and threatened the integrity of the democratic system.

For his part, the interim president of the Senate, Democratic Senator Patrick Healy, pledged to ensure a fair and fair trial for the former president, and said he was committed to applying his oath in order to achieve fair justice and play the role of neutral arbiter.

Healy added that he takes this oath very seriously, and that he will not back down from his constitutional duties to administer the trial of the former president fairly and fairly.

In the context, CNN reported that President Joe Biden expressed his belief that he did not obtain sufficient votes to convict Trump during his trial in the Senate.

The network said Biden was skeptical that 17 Republicans in the Senate would vote to convict Trump, the number needed for this move if all 50 Democrats vote for the conviction.

For his part, Republican Senator Rand Paul said that Trump’s trial is unconstitutional, adding that he will ask to vote on if he is entitled to stand trial.

The indictment says Trump has been implicated in committing serious crimes and misdemeanors by inciting violence (Reuters)

Diverse team

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi selected the prosecutors, and the selections were loaded with connotations. The team was composed of 9 Democrats, and the squad was described as an image of American diversity, in contrast to the white nationalists’ tendency that was behind the attack on Congress, according to observers.

Among the nine deputies: Stacey Blasket and Joe Nigues of African descent, Joaquin Castro of Latin descent, and Ted Liu of Asian descent, the panel also included two Jewish members; They are Jimmy Ruskin, head of the team, and David Cecilini.

This team will work to convince the 100 senators that it is necessary to condemn Trump and prevent him from holding any future federal office, including the presidency.

To convict Trump, the team must win the support of at least 17 Republicans in the Senate, adding to the 50 Democratic votes.

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