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Trump wants to create the impression that the people cannot abandon him

Describe An article in the New York Times (The New York Times) US President Donald Trump says he is “weaker than he would like us all to believe,” and he wants to create the impression that the people cannot abandon him.

The columnist, Michael Goldberg, said that Trump might try to appear as a strong leader, describing his behavior as “frightening.”

She believed that living under the auspices of a president who “permits” his position on a daily basis and boasts of transgressing the norms that maintain the cohesion of democracy involves “dependence” and “malaise”.

However, it is not possible – either from an emotional or psychological point of view – to maintain adequate levels of shock and emotion indefinitely, as people soon become overwhelmed by exhaustion and despair, as Goldberg puts it.

Corruption, betrayal and sadism

The writer adds, “But Trump has from time to time gone beyond the limits of corruption, betrayal and sadism that he forced us to get used to, because anger is growing and the political world is exhausted.”

She says that even some incumbent Republicans sometimes feel the need to distance themselves from the president’s statements or actions.

And “once Trump tweeted, calling on 4 women members of color to return to the collapsed and crime-plagued areas from which they came.”

“We must see what will happen,” Trump said at a White House press conference, in response to a journalist who asked him if he pledged to abide by the most basic rules of democracy in the United States, which is the peaceful transfer of power when the president changes.

Then, he expressed his doubts about voting by mail, saying, “Get rid of the ballot papers and you will have a very quiet transition. There will be no transmission – frankly – but rather continuation.”

Tyrannical intent

The author of the article considered that Trump’s demand to get rid of ballot papers through the mail, and his rejection of any peaceful transfer of power, is a declaration of “tyrannical intent.”

She added that by looking at the “blatant” headline issued by the “BBC” website about Trump’s non-commitment to a peaceful transfer of power, one can see how America’s news is being covered as if it is a failed state.

Michael Goldberg says Trump and his campaign are seeking to undermine the elections (Reuters)

Goldberg described Trump’s words as “the scariest,” as it came on the same day that The Atlantic magazine published an article by writer Barton Gilman in which he discussed his methods to undermine the upcoming presidential elections.

It quoted a legal advisor to Trump’s election campaign as saying that if Trump lost, they would contest the final ballot results, and would consider them inaccurate and fraudulent.

Perhaps it is important for people to remember – the writer adds – that Trump and his campaign are seeking to undermine the elections, as it seems so far that he will lose them, as opinion polls have shown that Trump is behind Democratic rival Joe Biden in most swing states, and they are tied in Georgia, which is barely Is progressing in Texas.

Counting on the Supreme Court

In the writer’s opinion, the president is counting on his new candidate to succeed the late Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the Supreme Court, in order to save his presidency of the country if the vote count is referred to the Supreme Court.

However, any hasty approval of the results is unlikely to be in Trump’s interest, because opinion polls have shown that a majority of Americans believe that whoever wins the election is responsible for appointing the new judge.

The writer added that Trump may be acting like a strong man, “except that he is weaker than he wants us all to believe.” The dictators – in Goldberg’s view – who have influence that make them manipulate the election results do not disclose their intentions, but are content to claim that they got 99% of the vote.

Michael Goldberg revealed that anxiety haunts her at every moment and every day, describing Trump as “an ambitious fascist who will destroy democracy completely to satisfy his bored ego.”

Influence disproportionate to its popularity

It considers that Trump’s desire to break the rules binding on others gives him influence that is not commensurate with his weak popularity indicators, as he is behind the violence without regard for the consequences by inciting his supporters, and some of them have already tried to intimidate voters in Virginia.

Goldberg said that Trump – who has frequently made threats that amount to the threat of a coup – forced some elected Republican officials to rebuke him implicitly by affirming their loyalty to the transfer of power as stipulated in the constitution.

She added that Trump wants to turn America into a dictatorial state, but he has not yet done so, during the past four years he has waged what could be considered a kind of psychological warfare on the masses, and confiscated their consciousness to the point that makes it difficult to imagine his exit from the presidency.

Perhaps that is one of the reasons why he says that he will not leave if he is defeated in the elections next November, or even after the end of the next presidential term in 2024, and he thus wants us to forget that it is not up to him, according to the words of the New York Times article.

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