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Trump was warned that if he withdrew US troops from northern Syria it could have catastrophic consequences. Less than a week after Turkey invaded, the nightmare scenario Trump was warned about has become a reality.

Trump was warned that if he withdrew US troops from northern Syria it might have catastrophic penalties. Lower than every week after Turkey invaded, the nightmare situation Trump was warned about has turn out to be a actuality.

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  1. Whoulda thunk career generals moulded by the rigors of war would know more about war and military strategy than a mollycoddled rich kid living in an ivory tower?


  2. everything is planned way ahead with russia, something is going on and we will see it soon

  3. So we can just assume that he created this dumpster fire to distract from his impeachment?

    What an asshole.

  4. Remember when republicans threw a fit because Obama had the nerve to exchange prisoners for US soldiers? I wonder why they’re suddenly so quiet now that Trump has helped release several hundred terrorist prisoners in order to protect his personal investments.

  5. But do they play Golf in Syria? No?
    So, Charlie don’t Golf.

  6. It is clear that Trump’s decision to give a green light for Turkey’s invasion of Syria has had disastrous consequences for the US and even more disastrous consequences for the US Kurdish allies. There have been no real answers as to why he took this decision following a phone call with Erdogan. The decision has been condemned by virtually all US leaders from both parties. It also looks as though Erdogan and Trump had some deals going over the Trump tower in Turkey. Erdogan celebrated the opening of the tower in 2012 together with Trump and daughter Ivanka. Who benefits from Trump’s withdrawal of troops from Syria? Who benefits from Trump’s sanctions against Europe? Who benefits from Trump’s attacks on the US security services? …… Yeah, you gottit now!!!

  7. “Hey, you remember that thing that everyone told you would happen if you did that stupid, stupid thing you did? Well, it’s today.”

  8. “Infinite wisdom” or what shit did he said that day?

    Reality is that Trump negotiates as the US for himself.

    He can only get “favors” from undemocratic regimes. That is why he is friends with NK, SA, Russia and Turkey. So that he get personal favors and delivers through US policy.

    This is a nightmare. Half his family is surrounding him at the WH. Like there were not more qualified people in the whole country. They think politics works just as business (yeah… people with lots of money, it seems this is the way they work and that ok as long as they dont step in the wrong toes).

  9. Are we sure this is the real timeline? This has to be fake, a dream, the alternate reality…

  10. Hmmmm…. it’s almost like he wanted it to happen, I wonder?

  11. Also Turkey has our Nukes now so there’s that.

  12. Oh wow, a leftist talking shit about Trump, how original.

    Clinton, Obama, Bush, Cheney, ect, all got us into those wars for monitary gains. Trump is stopping that. Why do you think ISIS was defeated mere weeks after Trump meets with the Saudi Arabian King in early 2017? Duh.

    They formed an alliance and said fuck the old guard, fuck the corruption in the US and The S.A. Kingdom, lets be done with the dreams of the people who came before us, and they start a new chapter for both countries. That should be a hell yes from either side of the isle…… Why else would Turkey start the war back up? Hello!? Cuz they were in bed with said bad elements of both governments, and funding ISIS!!

    Trump + King Salman (or King MBS as they call him, the younger dude)= peace and prosperity for all. Enough of this CNN bullshit story spin. Get the hell out of here with that manipulative rhetoric. What Trump is doing for that region is nothing short of good for the world. Spare us your crocodile tears.

  13. It’s almost like Trump is a complete incompetent that is at the mercy of a foreign power

  14. Now Trump has carte blanche to destroy what he wants and blame it on ISIS.

  15. I will never believe he didn’t fully intend for this to happen. Warned my ass. He wanted this to happen with all his investment in Turkey, I’m sure he’s looking pretty good over there now. He basically let them invade a country the U.S was allied with.. it really can’t get any lower in international politics.

  16. No words to describe this POTUS. I hope people will vote him out or impeach whatever comes first…,

  17. Good practice for him re a number of things to come. Primarily climate change.

  18. Airdrop the sonofabitch there and let him find his own way out

  19. I’m very curious to find out how he’s going to spin this in his favour

  20. Trump and all his supporters are traitors to this country. It’s right in front of our eyes. Shame on every last American that still backs this blatant traitor.

  21. But it’s not his fault, because he thinked Erdogan was just bluffing.

    Also he can just destroy Turkeys economy in the blink of an eye. He hast the bestest power.

  22. Im out of the loop. What are all the bad things turkey did in syria

  23. I’ve been watching real news, and haven’t seen any nightmare scenario.

  24. Turks never miss a chance for genocide.

  25. I don’t get people..
    They whine and complain that the us is the world police and war mongers while simultaneously whining and complaining about why the us won’t intervene in a country half way across the globe in a country that has been so war torn over the last decade. Personally I think that Europe and all of the other countries over there should handle their own business.

  26. There’s no catastrophe. Stop exaggerating and hyping up bs. It’s getting tiresome, you’re almost going to turn me into a Trump supporter out of spite.

  27. You guys think a WW3 is going to happen?

  28. It’s puzzling that America Vice President is flying somewhere to negotiate a cease fire, thinking america has credibility with either side.
    Can Russia learn from its mistakes in Ukraine. Russian seem to respect its allies.

  29. At least Americans aren’t dying over there anymore. I’m sick if us being the world’s police

  30. let it play out. this isnt americas nightmare anymore.

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